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There is no such thing as boy and girl could be friend forever but Taemin and Ji A believe they could be friend forever because they need each other more than anyone else. Something happen to Ji A and their friendship being tested. Without knowing they change and they start to keeping secret too. Will their friendship survive? Or will they change?


Standing at the very high place like this balcony makes me feel like I’m flying. I want to be free. Feel the wind on my face and stand at high place like this could bring joy and relaxing to me. Even the night view is really awesome too. I don’t need anybody just a glass of wine is enough. I could hear the faint music at the background and voices too but I don’t feel to join their fun at all. I like to have alone time after for a while. I always surrounded by crowd and noisy place, so this kind of quiet time is precious to me.

I heard someone walking toward me but I don’t bother to turn around to see who. I think this person also need fresh air too. I could smell a strong smell from him but I don’t sure what kind of that smell. I don’t think it perfume smell because it very unique too. I look down and saw his shoes. From his shoes I know he may not a guest here because he wearing an old black safety boot like someone wearing at the construction site. The sole is very thick too and it looks heavy. When I felt he seem too close with me, I turn around but suddenly I felt something on my face, a white cloth. He closed my nose and mouth with it making me hard to breath. The smell on the clothes very strong too, and strangely it make me drowsy and weak.

Before I close my eyes, I saw something on his wrist some kind of tattoo but I’m not so sure. He carry me in his arms but I couldn’t see his face because he using mask. I was half awake when he throws me in the pool. I couldn’t move all. I guess this is how my life ends. I don’t have any desire to fight back when I couldn’t breaths. Slowly I surrender to the darkness.

Finally it's over. I hope you all happy with the ending.

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