This Time

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Two old exes meet again, high school popular jock Im Jaebum now a respected CEO of their family company, school nerd Jinyoung just got home from the U.S and surprisingly working as the Brand Manager for the IM GROUP OF COMPANIES.

"Young ah,,,"

"Please call me Mr. Park, let's keep things professional shall we Mr. Im?"

"I'm sorry.."

"I don't dwell in the past anymore Im Jaebum.."

"I missed you so much I tried to find you but...."

"Babe..let's go.."

Jaebum looks at the man who barges inside the room and walks uncomfortably close to Jinyoung.

"Im Jaebum, this is my boyfriend's first day at work and yet you make him do overtime?"

"Kim Kai... I didn't know that you and Jinyoung know each other.."

"There's a lot of things you don't know Im...and its better to stay that way."

Kai grabbed Jinyoung's shoulder and dragged him out of the office. Jinyoung turns one last time to look at Jaebum with sadness in his eyes, Jaebum got surprised at the sudden show of emotions.

I will have you again Jinyoung.. And this time I'm not gonna let you slip away.


 This JJP fic has a more mature theme compared to its prequel THE JOCK AND THE NERD.

Have fun with the story guys^^

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