since you've awakened her again, she'll depend on you


Seulgi's a "Heartmaker," as people of her profession are affectionately called— although she doesn't "make" hearts per say, just fixes them. Most of her clients are the brokenhearted, who have lost faith in love but want another chance. Or, Irene is no different than most that walk through Seulgi's door, though perhaps her heart is a little bit worse for wear and Seulgi won't allow that.


Hiya hummingbirds!

This fic used to be a member of my drabble collection but it just didn't feel right to have it sitting in there because of its length lol so I decided to make it its own fic! Anyway, thank you all for checking my stuff out! Like always, you're all amazing! I'm writing something new to be released soon as well, I swear lmfao

~ pyrefly

Think of this fic as a precursor perhaps lol I swear I have a fic that's at least twice as long on the way soon


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Chapter 1: I freaking loved it!
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Chapter 1: Aww I just scan it and will be reading it fully later cause I'm in a hurry to go out lol...
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Chapter 1: You always have the best storyline ever
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