In space and time where Kim Minkyung was betrayed by her husband, Do Jung Min, whom she was forced to marry 2 years ago. Since that time she had never been truly happy, nor truly feeling love. Until one day her secret spy Kang Yaebin sent a picture of Jungmin getting into a night club with a girl. Nearing the end of that day, Minkyung asked Yaebin to meet her at her office.

Minkyung's dad was the owner of the company, which is the reason she is currently the CEO of KIMHI company. But her family's business is threatened to be stolen by Jungmin, who managed to steal the heart of Kim Young Ho, Minkyung's dad. Thus Youngho viewed Jungmin as a great man, a caring soul, and an impactful businessperson. And that way Youngho forced his only daughter to marry Jungmin, who also happen to once 'helped' save Youngho's company.

Yaebin went inside the dark room, which most employees are afraid to enter. Most of them will leave that room with either a very depressed face, or the opposite. But Yaebin wasn't even nervous, and entered while carrying a bag.

"It's past working hours"
"What is it?"

After seeing the picture Minkyung slammed her hand on the coffee table, the sound of her teeth gritting was loud enough for Yaebin to hear. Despite the darkness Yaebin can still see Minkyung's cheeks are now wet of her tears, sorrow tears flooding out, causing her grey eyes to sparkle. After few sobs, Minkyung found her spy sitting beside her, embracing her cold body in a warm hug.


Hello!!! This fic was inspired by an instagram caption, of someone who really loves Pristin...
Anyways please look forward for this, I hope my skills improved over the last time....:)

Thank You :D


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MinkyebinNapink #1
Chapter 8: I need to know what will happen next!!!
Chapter 7: I wonder where this will end up...
Acg2907 #3
Chapter 7: Ughh so good author-nim. Cant wait for the next chapters
Chapter 7: Nice work Yaebin
Max1425 #5
Chapter 6: K so i just read this in one go and aifjsodjdkm im sO EXCITED FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER SJICJSJJS will this pic thingy really help in getting them divorced dbskcj
Chapter 6: Yebin is on a mission!
Chapter 5: Aww poor Nayoung
Chapter 4: Ooooooh, her date is Kim Nayoung. Didn’t see that coming honestly
Chapter 3: I feel bad for Minkyung
RQMK01 #10
Chapter 3: I still find it weird that Minkyung has an arranged marriage with someone poorer than her, it doesn't really make sense to me but as long as it goes along with the story I guess lol