My life is an ancient jungle!


After some unfortunate evenets that i am too lazy to explain i one day found myself inside the body of a small song hye kyo,dirty and smelly.Then you know what? I suddenly got cleaned up!I was made to wear beautiful dresses bt why?...I became a the ancient time...THIS IS ING IMPOSSIBLE!I MEAN I DON'T BELIVE I WOULD BECOME SOME KIND OF HEROINE OF A TIME SLIP K DRAMA! NO...Since i know that i will surely become the wife of someone i don't even know,i opted for something different...i became a fool.Now i finally have my freedom,luxurios bed and free meal,i can sleep whenever i want,sigh,i can't help but grin in saticfaction...but then...this set up have it's own down town too...aish...Let me go home!!!


HI everyone.It's been awhile,i will take a breack from those heavy stuffs i was writing and it popped in my head this storry,i will post this first chapter.I hope you all would like it,have a happy read,i hope it can bring you all a big smile on your faces.

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