She was trapped inside an unknown paralell universe. No way in, no way out. Why was she chosen to be there?

Every two weeks, during two day in a roll, she was aloud to see her loved ones. The rest of the time she had to work in a lab, and get through the harships of this new way of life. While captive, she had rewards every now and then...



I've been ice cold for s o long, I've been tired of swimming, now I'm drowning since I don't know when, never reaching the shore. Any beach would do, sunny or not, with clear sand or with rocks.

I've been walking but I never arrived anywhere. Like a sad, sad loop. A labirynth.

I fear for myself. I'm afraid of what I've been thinking. The last fading trace of sanity in me tries persistently to contain the flood of insanity...

Helllllooooo there! I want you to want to read what I write :)
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