Slow Burn


Summer, an American-Korean LA-based hipster, finds herself attending Jeguk High, but not before she runs into Choi Young Do. He is intrigued by the way she reacts to him, and the way she makes him feel (looks like the stars have a role in their lives as well, call it fate if you will). He feels she is all his. What happens when he finds out that his enemy is her best friend? Will Young Do share?


AUTHORS NOTE: In 10 days it will be Kim Woo-bin’s birthday (my absolute favorite actor), so I decided to publish my very first fanfic as I continue to pray for his recovery and wish him happiness and good health. He inspired me to share my writing, and for that I am thankful! Hope you enjoy.


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Chapter 3: Finally! Young do came
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Chapter 2: Summer go to Korea soon
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Chapter 1: Starting right from the beginning I see
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young do I miss you
MaMa_ZeN #5
Chapter 3: getting more curious about how this is going to different from the drama and till now loving the way you are mixing it up!
Can't wait for the next chapter!!!!!!!!
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Chapter 2: ok, loving this.... keep it coming!!!!