Slow Burn


Summer, an American-Korean LA-based hipster, finds herself attending Jeguk High, but not before she runs into Choi Young Do. He is intrigued by the way she reacts to him, and the way she makes him feel (looks like the stars have a role in their lives as well, call it fate if you will). He feels she is all his. What happens when he finds out that his enemy is her best friend? Will Young Do share?


AUTHORS NOTE: In 10 days it will be Kim Woo-bin’s birthday (my absolute favorite actor), so I decided to publish my very first fanfic as I continue to pray for his recovery and wish him happiness and good health. He inspired me to share my writing, and for that I am thankful! Hope you enjoy.

Just wanted to let my readers know that I didn't abandon this story.
I contracted pneumonia and have been having a very difficult time.
I have the outline for 21 chapters-and WILL FINISH THIS STORY.
Don't lose faith and know that Young Do and Summer will be back!


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Chapter 10: Young do making progress in his relationship (?) with summer *-*
I am so happy for KWB
Chapter 9: Thanks for the translations :)
Chapter 8: Kim tan is just as evil!
I don't know Korean words. Can you give meanings to them
lcar19 #4
Looking forward to next chapter!
Chapter 7: Young do don't be stubborn and take summer's help
Chapter 6: Summer don't listen to Kim tan. Help young do
Chapter 5: Kim tan, you evil kid! Stay away from young do
Chapter 4: I love their interactions
Chapter 3: Finally! Young do came
Chapter 2: Summer go to Korea soon