The Soloist

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This is about Yang yoseop, diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia who lived under Yong Junhyung responsibility because of a mistake in the past. And jung Eunji, worked as a columnist who slowly being a precious part of Yoseop's life. 

"Can a schizophrenia has a love and being loved? Or fate just too cruel to be true?"

Inspired by a novel with the same title "The soloist" by Steve lopez, but the whole stories will be so different.


You might avoid everything in your life because of your guilty in the past..

You were loved, but when you know how to love it back, the chance was gone and you know that the beautiful life never being a part of you..







"Can't you speak?"









"Finally, i found you..You should be died that night.."











"I am not a good man....i know who i am..."










"I am sorry.."









"I love you, and i will never give my love to anyone.."










"Even if you are not here anymore, i can't see another one"





The soloist! yoseop and eunji! Chapter 16 was out!
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