What's Going on in the 14th Floor?

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What about staying in Taiwan for a full school year?

Frankie and June were thrilled for the exchange experience at Asia's most prestigious university, Taiwan National University, or TaiNu for short. Enter Taeyong the quiet chaos, Jaehyun the perfect god, Johnny the boy-next-door, and Lucas the mischief attractor to the full roster of level 14's occupants.

What about staying in Taiwan for a full school year?

Get ready to be tangled in the web of crushes, infatuations, and non-stop studying. 




Copyright 2018.

All written are products of my thinking. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. 

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43 streak #1
Chapter 1: So glad I found this!!!
Chapter 20: <3 <3 <3
Chapter 18: Good one June!!!
Johnny and Frankie are so cute together. <3
Waiting for the next chapter. :D
Chapter 17: Love it! :))
Chapter 15: Love your story, please updated soon.
And I ship Frankie with Johnny, because Lucas is mine! :)))) * joking .............or not!* :))))
Keep up the good work! <3
TheHappyChiaki #6
Chapter 9: So Lucas and Frankie are a thing now? What about June? Who's she interested in?

Dilraba as June is so fitting!
[deactivated] #8
wow, this story is really cute ~ i actually found out about this story because i happen to request at the graphic shop where your poster was made, and i guess im lucky. there's a wide variety of characters, and i really like taeyong's personality here (because he is my bias). i have a feeling there's going to be a love triangle soon :) anticipating the next update ! ~
Chapter 4: how did taeyong know? idk i forgot to ask this hahaha
Chapter 3: So I ended up still editing it it im sorry BUT it's not like they're very major edits and you can really ignore them if you want lol

and what I learned in this chapter is that I really do not like clubs or partying [yeah im lame deal with it] like I just read "Loud music was pumping through the speakers. The different colors of lights were enough to cause seizures" my head started aching aha aha aha not judging tho