Eternal Springtime

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Yifan no longer believes in children's storybooks, so he didn’t expect anything when he bought a fairy house as a housewarming gift for his sister. 

The fairy, upset that his house was moved, declares Yifan’s house as his new home.

Prompt given by Mishtique


This story is written as a birthday gift for Mishtique


“Well then, Tao. I’m sorry about moving your house. I want to give this to my sister. She’s moving in a new house with her husband and she wants to put your little house in the front door so her guest can see it when they enter the house.” Yifan says softly, trying to compromise with the creature.

“Wait, you’re going to move my house again??” Tao gasps.

“Yes, to my sister’s house.”

“Stop moving me around! I’m not an object!” Tao flies up to Yifan’s face again, glaring at the human. “I will only move once!”

“But my sister—”

“From now on, this place will be my new home!” Tao declares.

“This place? What place do you mean?” Yifan blinks, confused.

“Your house! I will live here from now on and this will be my home too!”



Tags: Fluff, Fairy!au, Slight fantasy, Dumb couple, Sprinkle of magic, Eventual , Self-lubricating (because the bday girl wants it), Very little angst

Length: One-shot

• Featuring Yifan the adult who still (lowkey) believes in magic and Tao the peach fairy
• English is not my main language, beware of grammatical errors
Please do not ask for updates or anything.
 The birthday girl didn't even ask me so why would you lol


Yes I'm late but Missha said it's ok so it's all good lmaooo go wish her a happy belated birthday!! 
I actually had difficulties in picking one between the two prompts that she gave me but I settled with this one after she helped me to choose phew
This is a fluffy story filled with their dumb interaction and then there's a sprinkle of angst and then finally asjdhfghj why do I always write idk I'm probably cursed (ʘ‿ʘ✿)


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