Can You Feel It? A Writing Contest [Winner Announced!]


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Can You Feel It?
"When I see you, I get a good feeling. Inspiration comes to me like a sunrise."
Here's how it works. Pick a scenario and write about it, molding it any way you please. Simple, right? There's a catch! We have a group list, but each group can only be used as a starring group TWICE.
01. Subscribe to the contest and stay subbed. Upvotes are optional, but loved!
02. No bashing. The first person who bashes another or their story gets blacklisted from any other contests, as well as this one. Be considerate.
03. MUST pick from the group list and star that group. Groups are only allowed to be used twice in the contest, so if your preffered group is already taken, you'll have to go with a different one.
04. NO M-Preg, Daddy-Kink, Mommy-Kink, Gender-Bender, , , or Adult-Minor (which is banned on AFF).
05. , yuri and hetero stories are all welcome. Stories without romance are also welcome! We love friendship stories, and also stories that revolve around only one person!
06. is allowed, but not PWP. Please, make it tasteful and fit into the story.
07. No "Love at First Sight", but Strong Attraction is great. Make it develop into something.
08. Please, don't write more than 3.000 words per chapter. Make your story at least 5 chapters long, and don't make it more than 15.
09. You may enter this contest up to twice, as long as you can handle it.
10. The deadline is due on April 6th, 2019.
11. You must put a link to the contest on your story's foreword!
12. Have fun! This contest is for everyone's enjoyment, and we look forward to reading your entries!
How to Join
01. Choose only one group from our groups list to be the main of your story. You don't have to write all of the members, but must stick to at least one as the main. You can have other idols from other groups with important roles in your story, as long as the group chosen (at least one member) is still the focus of it.
02. Choose a prompt from our prompts list to be the guide for your story. Remember that making cliché prompts become unique is really important.
03. Choose one to three main themes for your story, and please, stick to it / them.
04. If taking any picture from our visual aids, please, remember to link us the one you have chosen as they can't be used more than once.
05. Last but not least, please, kindly fill out the entry form. Good luck! :)
Jul 15th Contest open and accepting entries!
Jul 16th D.I.P and IM were added to the groups list!
Jul 17th Prizes were raised by 2.300 karma!
Aug 6th Entry form was updated!
Sep 7th Halloween mini-side contest revealed!
Nov 26th Halloween mini-side contest results revealed!
Feb 4th New deadline set!
Lastest entry
Title. The Mountain Has Them
Author. KaihleeLo
Prompt. #02
Theme. Horror | Thriller | Mystery
Halloween Mini-Side Contest Winner

Title. Phlegmatic

Author. KaihleeLo

Prompt. #22


I'll Be There by Taeyang

"I am no longer alive, but I still observe you.
I want you near me.
Why don't you join me?
You only need to stop breathing."
Check her story out!
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