that's my girl


Sowon ; the girl running away from watchful eyes

Seunghee ; the girl who's never looked at twice

Jennie ; the girl struggling to be noticed

Nancy ; the girl stealing all the spotlight


It started as a joke, until the lies keep on coming.


this centers around the friendship of the girls. so don't mistaken it as a girl x girl story.

romance is obviously part of it. no ships are set in stone. but I'm open to any ship suggestions of the girls with male idols no bangtan. they already have enough fics as is


poster and bg by Iamdead from L O K I - Graphics Shop


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Seunghee with Hui of Pentagon?
JenBin pls.. Jennie and Hanbin
Steph_341 #3
Can you do Nancy(MOMOLANDxSubin(VICTON) please?