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Family. Friendship. Love.

Well, at least these three things are the things Kim Hanna really treasures. What's more better than having a group of the same friends for years and practically treat them as a family even though they are a bunch of dorks?

What about love?   

This one thing for sure put Kim Hanna in incredulity, most of the times. But one thing for sure; Kim Hanna will keep on waiting, and will not leaving. 

Yes. This is somehow a cliché teen drama fiction about Kim Hanna and her six adorkable loves one. 


[Author’s Note]

Hello guys! If you’re currently reading this fic, thank you soooooo much! I really appreciate your willingness in reading this not-so-well-written story since it is my first time writing a fan fiction. Thank you again! If there are any similarities found in this fiction that are correlated to other fictions’ storylines and such, it’s just a coincidence and I’m truly apologize for that. This fiction will revolves around the Sechskies’ members as a whole and a few original characters. Again, this fiction does not intended to bring any harm to anyone (especially our Jekki oppadeul); I’m writing this just for fun. Anyway, enjoy the story and do leave a comment! Jekki jjang! Yellkies jjang! ::jekkihug::




[Kim Hanna] – OFC

Kim Hanna is a 20 years old girl who lives in the same neighbourhood as the others (except Eun Jiwon since he spent most of his childhood in Hawaii). She’s bright and full of confidence. She pursues her study in English language in college. Hanna is most close with Suwon and Sunghoon in their circle.


[Eun Jiwon]


He’s 22 years old and Sunghoon’s cousin. Jiwon lived in Hawaii since he was nine years old. His family come back to live in Korea because of his father’s decision. He’s tough and full of charisma, but sometimes he’s an egoist.


[Lee Jaijin]

21 years old (same age as Jaeduck) and he’s good in art. He’s majoring in Fine Art in college. He’s Jaeduck’s cousin. He’s a complete introvert but he takes full care of the people that he loves most.


[Kim Jaeduck]

Kim Jaeduck is the sweetest among all. He cares about Hanna so much and claimed Hanna as his sister, but sometimes he spoilt her too much. He’s 21 years old and in the college’s Judo team.


[Kang Sunghoon]

The boy next door. He’s in the same age as Hanna and Suwon. He’s admired by a lot of girls and even boys (?) because of his shocking visual. Among all of them, Sunghoon is the one who will listen to Hanna’s everyday rants. He and Suwon are the DJ for the campus radio station.


[Jang Suwon]

Hanna is very clingy with him. Before all of them ever met, Hanna is his only friend and his house is just beside Hanna’s. He’s savage and a straight forward person. He’s in the college debate team and as well as the DJ for the campus radio station with Sunghoon.


Hello guys! Sorry for the late update 🙏 I just updated the second chapter. Hope you guys enjoy and do leave some comments! 😊💕


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