Fade Into You : A Choose-Your-Own-Lover story


Civillain whispers echo through the village market, and servant whispers echo through the halls of the castle.
Rumours of a princess, who is kept locked in the castle. 
The workers who serve her are sworn to secrecy, so that no one can be sure if she even exists. 
A rival kingdom is eager to find out if she is real, and they'll stop at nothing to find her.


Hey! I thought I would try a new story type - it's almost like one of those dating sim games where you get to choose which route you take; each route has a differnet ending and a different story ( so it's probably going to be a lot of work to take on but hey, I'm up for it ). 

There will be four men to choose from, each male having a different story line to each of them. Start of with the prologue posted in this story, then follow the hyperlinks at the end to whoevers route you want to follow!

Routes : 

- Fade Into You : A Knights Tale ( Chanyeol's Route )
- Fade Into You : Thievery of the Heart ( Seungcheol's Route )
- Fade Into You : The Bookworm's Secret ( Shownu's Route )
- Fade Into You : Evil Intentions ( Suga's Route )

First chapter of any of the stories is up, and it begins with the Knight Commander Chanyeol!
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