Eye Contact


Choi Minho, 23 - Diagnose: Autism

Lee Taemin, 19 - Diagnose: A Brat 



The story follows autistic male Choi Minho, living his quiet life in a small town and his encounter with Lee Taemin, a loud, at first ignorant, male from Seoul who is sent to his Grandmother's place to learn about life.  Note that this story is set in the 1980ies.

"Look at me"
"I- I can't."



I have been interested in autism for quite a while now and somehow the idea to this story developed in my mind. I want you to know that I am by no means  specialist when it comes to aspergers and autism in general. Most of what i know is from personal research. I am still trying to understand more about the way autistic people think and don't know how accurate my descriptions are, so you are welcome to educate me.

To everyone who is new to this, I hope to be able to show you a little glimpse into the mind of someone with Aspergers. Personally I find it fascinating and impressive.

As for the story itself, I won't have it Beta-ed which is why mistakes or typos can show up from time to time.I do read over the chapters at least twice so I guess I spot most of them... because this was a side project I didn't find it necessary to have someone put in so much work! I hope you understand!






It's finally done. Feels so strange. Anyway thanks for going on this journey with me and please do consider leaving an upvote or even a comment if you enjoyed it♡
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