One Promise After Another

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"Promises are the sweetest lies"
~ When promises become your weapon to cover the truth, words lose their meaning ~



Jinki and Kibum separated their ways due to their personal problems. They made several promises to keep their friendship in place.

Promises with thousand reasons hid underneath those promises.

Years passed, they came to realize just how much they needed each other.

Just like what people said, secrets can't be kept forever, their dark secret slowly arise whether they want it or not. 



Hi, I hope you guys will enjoy this story :)  It's a romance drama story that involves angst. 

Please let me know what do you think about this story. I would love to hear from you all. 

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nedy90 #1
Chapter 10: Why u made me cry at 1am??? Oh gosh.. reading kibum's letters really tear my heart apart. I cant.. TT
But this will not have a sad ending right? Pls keep ur promise. Pls let them live together happily
Chapter 10: Kibum....
Will I cry?
I’ll just answer that myself
Chapter 10: wow, i'm so speechless
your story always amazed me
nice story as it contains so much emotions
relieved to heard that this story won't have a sad ending
can't wait for next update :)
SHINee_4ever_love 1 points #5
Chapter 11: Take your time authornim and take care yourself first. I'll cheer for you! ^^
I'm your fan so I will always come back for you story ^^
1 points #6
Chapter 10: Oh God. How can someone be so cruel? TT please save Kibum TT let him be happy for once. TT
Chapter 5: Poor Kibum. He been through a lot. Good thing Jinki id now by his side.
Chapter 4: Woah TMI TMI.... Amber talks a lot. XD
Chapter 2: Opps. Jinki slips. XD

They’re story is so sad that they kept their feelings for each other but their bond is amazing even Tae and Dahyeon. <3
1 points #10
Chapter 1: Ok that was interesting. It’s makes you wonder what happened to them.