Bangtan Boys Next Door

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It was sweet when Jimin kept apologetically bringing gifts to your door. It was cute when you found out about Namjoon's little crush on you. It was even kind of funny when Yoongi wanted to walk you to class.

It wasn't until the rest of them also started appearing around your building that things just started getting ridiculous.

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Greetings, reader.

I know, I know. I have two other fics I'm supposed to be writing but god I need a PWP STORY TO JUST GET OVER MY BLOCK SOMETIMES SO HERE I AM. I have a few other pics drafted up and ready to go but I dare not start them until I've made more progress with PIC and ASITD.... HAVE MERCY. TT_TT

That being said, I think I stand for everyone when I say there can never be enough reverse-harem Bangtan!!

I know that Reader-Inserts are not as popular on AFF, but I tend to write pretty consistently regardless of if it's second-person or third-person, and it's simply a tense for me. What do you personally like to read, I wonder? Let me know in the comments :)This story is very much a guilty pleasure for me (or, well, us). Reverse Harem. Shorter chapters. Maybe a little sue-ness just for flavoring? A classic college BTS AU! HARDY HAR HAR…

Our reader/main character does identify as female, as that is what I am most comfortable writing for, and I apologize to any male readers out there!! Much Love ♥♥

* "Some University" comes from the webtoon "Our Relations Is..."/"Something About Us"!! I thought the name was cute, and it definitely inspired this fic because of the college/university setting. Have you read it before? :)

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