Chalk Hearts [sangjoon]


I wish I could wipe away my emotions, wash them away the way rain washes away chalk from the sidewalk.


The smile on Sangdo's face grew wider while he and Sehyuk drew with the chalk on the sidewalk in front of their shared home, the colorful sidewalk contrasted with the dull color of the house as well as the ones around it. Sehyuk stood up holding his hand out to Sangdo who accepted the gesture standing as well to look at the drawings along the pavement in front of their house. Sangdo laughed lightly holding onto Sehyuk's hand swinging it back and forth.

Happy times fly by so quickly, almost like they were never there.



This story was originally started in 2016 on my wattpad account with the same username, I am rewriting it and posting it on here now.


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