Star light, star bright


All her life, Seulgi has felt like she can’t keep up. It’s nice to see a change of pace when she’s with Joohyun. (Or, the story wherein Seulgi thinks it’s nice to be the subject of Joohyun’s one-sided love; unbeknownst to her growing feelings and the blissful ignorance of what is to transpire.)


“Oh, don’t feel too bad. Joohyun had to go along with the rest of the squad’s decision. After all, she wouldn’t want anyone knowing about her crush on you, would she?”




It takes exactly three seconds for Seulgi to fully process the words of Yongsun’s double. By then, she had stuffed herself with a forkful of noodles, and so it takes another three seconds for Seulgi to hurriedly chew and swallow her food down, before managing to open in order to so eloquently interrogate Yongsun (and Joohyun; and Joy and Yeri, at that) with what in the world is going on.

And so Seulgi begins with an: “Eh?”

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