No Rainbow Without Rain


The little miracle they waited for years finally came at the edge of divorce.


Written for bacon & eggs 2018.

Thank you for reading. ♥


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Beau1996 1413 streak #1
Chapter 1: Very nice story - working through their problems and having a chance to start again!
Chapter 1: I love the way that this FANTASY has a wholesome touch of REALITY at some points. Just adding in some "mundane actions", creating such a realistic scenario. Every time I read it it still gives me a thrill!!!
sugarlips #3
Chapter 1: this is sooo cuuttteeeee!!! authornim, imma blame you one day if my future husband is not treating me the way chanyeol is (minus the first part of the story).. heheheh, love your work, its so beautiful
kworld320 #4
Chapter 1: Wonderful story. ❄️🌺
Chapter 1: This is such a wonderful domesticau!!! I really liked it1
Chapter 1: the situation where yeol confessed to worry about their s3x life after baek giving birth made me rlab
Chapter 1: this is so beautiful
Katherin2792 #8
Chapter 1: Everything was really perfect, thank you.❤️🌺
Chapter 1: This is s beautiful, I can feel how deep in love both of them to each others, specialy how much and deep Chanyeol love for Baek. And also thanks to the theraphy parts, its gimme some to learn abt relationship. You are really doing good job here with your story. Thanks a lot to sharing your works here!!
Chapter 1: I can read this sweet story over over again..