(CLOSED) Milkywave [EXO] Writing Contest


Welcome to Milkywave
Writing Contest!

Why Milkywave?
Because it crosses with the Universe, EXO's latest winter release! 

~✻ Hosted by callmesabby with the assistance of senerain and SheirynFiya ✻~
— 2018 / 2019


This is a writing contest centred around EXO members.

In celebration of callmesabby's 2nd anniversary [June 10th] on AFF and also as an author, we are holding a writing contest with fewer rules and more fun!

Read on to know the not-so-many rules and requirements of joining us.
And don't forget about the prizes for the winners!



Rules & Guidelines

01. You must be subscribed to keep updated at all times as there may be changes to the rules, the deadline, and more prizes added at any time.

02. Your story must be completed by the deadline of January 12th, 2019. If you are unable to complete your story by then, please PM callmesabby at least 24 hours prior to the deadline so that we can discuss it further. Those who withdraw before or by the deadline will not receive any participation reward.

03. All entries must be published after June 2017. You are allowed to hire a beta reader. This is to encourage writers to create something new and also put new stories on the market for readers while you can have fun writing your fics without any burden. You must link this contest in your foreword and tag it with #callmesabby.

04. [UPDATED RULES] The minimum word count is 5000 while the maximum is 35 000. We accept both one-shots/chaptered stories BUT please try to fit your story into the least amount of chapters so that each chapter can be more compact rather than sparsely distributed. We would love to have short fics rather than lengthy ones. There are no prompts, just free writing.

05. [UPDATED RULES] The main character must be any of EXO members as the lead male character featuring female OCs. Male OCs (only as side characters), various narrative, various genres is accepted. [See #09 for unacceptable terms.] Nevertheless, you are encouraged to include the following members as the main or second lead: Suho, D.O., Chen, Xiumin and Yixing because they deserved more love. We are accepting fics featuring Kai/Sehun/Baekhyun/Chanyeol too, so don't worry!

06. You may enter up to two stories. You must fill out the entry form for each story. If more than one of your stories ends up in the final winners' list, you will receive respective prizes regarding your place in the lineup. Always comment after submitting an entry form. The password is babybear. Please enter it at the end of the form.

07. Stories entered into other contests are acceptable as long as it is within the guidelines of both our contest and any others you are entered in.

08. Everyone is encouraged to read and support each other's entries. However, do not bash anyone's work. Be respectful. This is a contest to have fun and enjoy fanfics. If you are seen violating this rule or reported to be doing so, you will be disqualified. The link to the entry form can be found in Chapter 1.

09. Unacceptable terms include (including boy x boy pairing), , m-preg, genderswap, ddlg and second person narrative [i.e. "you looked at Sehun."] No "Y/N" or "___" either!

10. We are anticipating for more cute/fluff, thriller and horror! The other genres are welcomed too. Feel free to come up with anything that you like as long as it is not listed in rule #09.

11. Please also kindly place our banner [350 x 65] in the foreword of your story that is submitted into this contest:


12. Don't be afraid to let loose and be wild with your imagination! Good luck :-)



We do admit that we are not that competent yet to judge or review your writing skills. However, this contest is held to encourage more people here to share their stories while having fun doing it. Who knows, we might discover some potential in you and we can give you more advice on how to improve. Not to mention, you may consider this as a giveaway from Sabby on her second anniversary.

If you have any suggestions, please comment below. If you would like to keep up with the entries, check up on the entries page every once in a while as it will update as we receive entries and it might not always signal an update.





Here, we would like to express our appreciation to Miss MiracleInSomnia12 for her kindness as she had contributed her karma points for this writing contest. We can never thank her enough for that and we will make sure we will use her donation fully for this contest and everyone who takes part in it. 




★Milkywave Writing Contest★ Congratulations to all the winners! And thanks a lot for participating in the contest. We had a hard time to decide the winners as many of the fics are really good T__T Sorry for being 28 mins late. I totally forgot about this >.<
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