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Nova thought she would do many things in her life.

However, falling in love with an ARTECH was one she couldn't see coming from a mile away.


1111: praefatio

I write in this journal with no intention of anyone reading it other than myself. However, if you do, I warn you that if you read this, you will become privy to one of the biggest secrets of our government’s military. A specialized kind of ARTECH that my father designed himself. Really, only he would have the guts to make something like it. And what did I do to participate in this, you ask? Well, I went and fell in love with it.

To put it simply, my father was never particulary empathetic. When I was little, I would often even confuse him with another one of the ARTECHs going around the house. In reality, some of those ARTECHs showed me more love than he ever did. 

I don’t know exactly what became of my mother. All I know is that she disappeared off the face of the earth when I was three and that my father refuses to speak about her. There weren’t even any photos of her in the house (and believe me, I looked).

But enough about me. That is not important. I write this from a hospital (more of a jail) in which I was imprisoned by my beloved father after I was caught. I write this in haste as I just overheard that my father had been discussing the possibility of a memory wipe to erase all my memories of him. I hope that this doesn’t get taken away, but even if it does, know this:

My name is Kim Nova and I will stop at nothing to destroy my father’s plans for the future of humanity and robotic technology.



I'm entering this story into the Pearl Aqua Dreams Writing Contest so hopefully I'll be done by November!!!!!!

whoaaa so sorry for the dump of chapters but my deadline was like today
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