Scribble on My Skin

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Soulmates are real.

And I hadn’t thought my soulmate, mine, would turn out to be the class clown I have known for over a year now. 


Ever since you’re born; you have the ability to deliver messages to the one that is written for you by the Gods. Just pick any kind of pen, and scribble on your skin. Your soulmate, whoever they are, receives your message immediately.

I’ve never really cared that much, I didn’t think I wanted to know my mate, even if occasionally; I have this burning passion to kiss him, hold him, and tell him he’s a star I can never walk outside without having it direct me. But, most of the time, I just don’t want to know who he is, and I don’t understand how people want to meet their significant others immediately.

There are no limits to people when you don’t know them. But when you do, then you can’t paint them with any color of your desire.

I wanted my mate to be a colorless canvas, something I could personally paint.

Perhaps.. he thought the same.



I swear this story is more serious than Indulgence, lol, and it also has more details and more intense backgrounds to the characters. Since I have an on-going Reverseharem that is slowly coming to a wrap, the updates will vary from this fanfic and the other one XD 

This story will be a short one? It’ll vary from 4-5 chapters. I’m thinking of making a chapter in it? Although I’m only, only thinking about it, since it will be unnecessary for the story XD

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