Inbetween Worlds

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With an accident that robbed the use of her legs, Taeyeon has been living on the brink of life for a long time. Weird things that are unexplainable have been happening around her, driving her almost insane as she tries to navigate with a positive outlook in life, only for a handsome man and a blackout to violently rip holes in her memories left in her mind. 



Occasionally getting drunk and letting loose.

For the past five years since the accident that took the use of Kim Taeyeon's legs, left her with blinding, regular blackouts, a younger sister brain dead in hospital, and the rest of her familyl dead and lost, Taeyeon has been in a dreaded funk, sinking in depression and trying to commit suicide.

Diagnosed with severe PTSD, claustrophobia and a lingering depression, Taeyeon's frequent blackouts have been appearing more frequently as her paranoia increases, alongside crippling headaches and severe memory loss during her blackouts. To make things worse, someone is stalking her after she meets her best friend Tiffany Hwang's eight other friends and loses parts of her memory, watching her with eyes that seemingly hold malicious intent, feeding her paranoia and fear each day.

There's only this much of what a human mind can take before it violently teeters off the brink, and no extent of the actions which the supernatural world and beings would do to keep themselves safe. 

Even if it means shattering an innocent's mind.


A special shoutout and THANK YOU to Koviee's K Studio! This Book's Cover was made by her and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Haha xD It captured so much of the Taeyeon I felt was I was gonna write in my story :3 I really do love her work so much! If you guys have any graphics you'd like to make and use, go check out her site at K studio ☆OPEN ☆ ! I will link it both here and in the banner below :3

HI GUYS! I'm finally posting up the newest story, Inbetween Worlds! I changed the description a little bit from what I posted before in my old stories, since while writing the story took a little different direction.
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