❝the truth is, i miss you.❞

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Park Chorong receives a phone call and soon enough she finds herself engulfed in the memory of the man she had forced herself to forget completely.






   Park Chorong  ||  Kim Junmyeon



"Without anyone knowing, quietly, I'm missing you"

-park chorong, wanna be

Inspired by the amazing surong fanmade video created by azra zelea in youtube - nicorobin in AFF.

A/N: First ever angst story I'll write because I'm feeling the vibe. Judging from my previous stories, you would think of this as a cliche heartbreak story and it might still be. However I did spend quite a lot of time trying to make this story as sensible and as good as possible, so I would really appreciate it if you spend some time and read my story. Please go easy on me guys! Like I said this is my first angst story so it won't be as good but I hope you all will like it! xoxo

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