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We love each other, 

Everything seem so perfect,

Only if the reality spare us a little mercy,

We only wanted each other,

Not everything...


Hi! This is my first time write story (really it's my first, lol), I have some reason why I write this story.. haha
Also before you guys read this story, I want to say sorry for my messy grammar. English is not my main language, so please forgive me T^T
The character may be OC but I have my reason, which I will explain later when the story end~ 
I do not own Red Velvet, but this story is purely mine :3

Sooo, please enjoy this story~

I updated! sorry for the wait, I feel bad really.. this is a short update, sorry I took so long for me to recover, but I hope you guys enjoy! Love you guys . btw Yang Da Il ft Wendy - One summer is really good. please listen to it, bcs it give me calming effect on me & maybe u guys too?
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