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Hello and welcome to the shop where all of your worldly desires are fulfilled (❀ ᗒ ͜ʖಠ)

We're here to spread more love around AFF and get deserving stories more recognition ♥

We offer all services: (except trailers right now)! Advertising, Graphics, Reviews, Beta, or you may get a oneshot of your choosing ^^


Our goal is to help all writers out there, so don't hesitate to drop a comment/PM if you need anything ^^♡




  • Major karma giveaways to win you a bidding ad!
  • Giving out 1 hour ads on aff!

Any sponsors and contributions for the shop would be greatly appreciated ♡!




We use a "Love-Exchange" for extra added bonuses to your requests!

Upvote or comment on stories, message your favorite writer that you love their work, or recommend stories to us, etc, and you get bonus services ♡!

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MOBILE VERSION: Home Page and Submit/Request are being edited!

BIGGER FONT LAYOUT: Completed. Please let me know of anyone would like the font even bigger.

Light Version: Currently unavailable!

❎ Attention all host staff! I'm making a group chat to post untaken requests! Please accept it! ❎
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