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Hello and welcome to the shop where all your fantasies and desires are fulfilled  (❀ ᗒ ͜ʖಠ)

We're here to spread more love around AFF and get deserving stories more recognition ♥

We offer all services (except trailers right now)! Advertising, Graphics, we can review your story, beta your story, or you may get a oneshot of your choosing ^^

Click the banner below to enter our shop ♡!



What's different about us?

  • Offering daily, weekly, AND monthly bonuses to your request!
    • Bonuses include:
    1. Karma point giveaways!
    2. Extra chapter to your oneshot requests!
    3. Being featured in shop, discussions, feeds, and several masterlists!
    4. Getting chapter features!
    5. Wall posts/Blogposts additions to your ads!
    6. Promoting your story on feeds!
    7. Promoting your stories to the shop owner's own subs in her story feeds!
    8. And much much more!
    • Check us out daily/weekly/monthly to see the bonuses, giveaways, and contests!
  • Offering private/confidential oneshots and requests!
  • (Whenever you request, you get to be the owner of our lovely banner to shamelessly flaunt stripper-EXO ...why wouldn't you want that?? xD)
  • We have a monthly Wall of Fame! Featuring a spotlight for Stories, Authors, Members, and more!
    • Being chosen on our Wall of Fame, of course, means you get more shop bonuses, even if you don't request! (Must be a sub for this!)
    • Chosen stories/authors get free features in masterlists and chapter features in the shop!
  • Constant help to any writers in need! I (debaekyeol) also am here to answer any questions or help any writers with anything they need! Just comment or message me anything, anytime ♡
    • Example Request 1: Ask for specific beta readers according to your story and I will find suitable ones for you.
    • Example Request 2: Ask for help in finding a graphic shop to do your poster, even though we offer graphics here, I will refer you to the best shop regarding your poster needs if you do not want to currently request from us

Our goal is to help writers out there, so don't hesitate to drop a comment/PM if you need anything ^^♡




  • Contests with lots and lots of prizes!
  • Major karma giveaway to get you a bidding ad!
  • Giving daily ads for the 1 hour ads of aff!

Any sponsors and contributions for the shop would be greatly appreciated ♡



We use a "Love-Exchange" for "payment"!

Upvote or comment on stories or message your favorite writer that you love their work, or recommend stories to us, etc, and you get your own services free ♡! 

Join now to help the cause of supporting AFF Writers (*'꒳' *)

Enter here for the normal version of the shop ^^

Enter here for lighter version of the shop ^^

(You may also follow the chapter links on the side, starting with "LIGHT.")

MOBILE VERSION: IN PROGRESS; Home Page and Submit/Request pages are up!

BIGGER FONT LAYOUT: Completed. Please let me know of anyone would like the font even bigger.


The shop will still have the same helping theme but I'll be making changes to the rules for everyone. Be sure to check out the shop soon when we reopen!


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Chapter 12: Hi just checking on any progress of the store opening ;-;
Hi are you still requiring?
1 points #3
Chapter 1: hello, are you guys still accepting affies?
HI there! I was just wondering how do send the entry for the shop credit again? I'm sorry for bothering, hope you don't mind^^
1 points #5
Chapter 12: Chapter 12: Hi! I have a random question, where do we send the entry for shop credit?
Chapter 12: Hi again I do request a beta from a shop?
1 points #7
Chapter 12: So I can send in a beta request, what form do I write??
Sorry for being annoying >-<
1 points #8
Chapter 2: submitted my recommendations. i think i've done it right ;-; first time at a shop like this
Hi do you do beta and how you request for it?
1 points #10
Hi do u know when u will be open again? In search of a reliable beta?