The Princess Diary

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Yeeun is the heir of Genovia and the royal household is beginning to fall. The corrupted officials wants to take over Genovia, so they want to overthrow the current King. However, Yeeun is not willing to backdown to the corrupted officials, so she must find a way to keep the throne. 

Feeling like the world was going against her, Yeeun seeks help outside of her country to help keep the throne. She travels to South Korea, where she meets Chunji, who becomes her husband because of a pre-arrangement their parents had made years earlier. Having no chioce, the two get married and start living together.

Thinking that things would be done with once they were married would be too simple. The corrupted officials will do everything in their power to get their hands on the throne.

The battle for pride, honor, and love has only begun.











Hello iheartskpop here! ^^

I’m here to present a Teen Top, EXO & A-Pink story featuring Chunji, Suho, and Eunji as the main characters with an original character. The members of groups will appear throughout the story. It has been a while since I've written a longer story, so I hope you all enjoy this story and give it a lot of love!

I am using the country Genovia because I love the movie The Princess Diaries. Even though I am using the country, I am not using anything else from the movie other than that. I will credit everything that is not mine. 

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I want to give a shoutout to daisy-citrine at fairvoyance graphics to for the poster & background! Thank you so much! (:

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                 | Princess Aleena Yeeun Lim | 23 | Heir of Genovia |           



      | Lee Chanhee (Chunji) | 25 | Heir of CH Department Stores |



                  | Kim Joonmyun (Suho) | 26 | Heir of K Hospital |             



     | Jung Eunji | 23 | Heir of Paradise Entertainment |



          | Choi Jong Hyun (Changjo) | 23 | Knight of Genovia |   



| Oh Sehun | 24 | Knight of Genovia |





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