Girl's Generation: A Taengsic Story

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The Story begins mid-2018. Some time after Tiffany, Sooyoung and Seohyun have chosen to part ways with the malevolent S.M Entertainment, life for Ex-GG Member Jessica Jung begins to go downhill. Her Contract with Coridel Entertainment is terminated and she breaks up with her shadowy and mysterious boyfriend Tyler Kwon. To add insult to injury, her company goes downhill as well and she is forced to file for bankruptcy, which results in her having to sell her house. Because she is too embarrassed to say anything to her parents or her sister, Krystal, she ends up flying back to Seoul from Hong Kong, where she ends up staying with Taeyeon and reluctantly meets up with her while Red Velvet's Maknae Yeri is sleeping over. Taeyeon, who had a bad relationship with Jessica during her tenure in SNSD, decides to take her in under the condition that she doesn't speak about it, forcing Yeri to keep a secret. Sadly, Taeyeon's motive for letting her former bandmate stay at her house is a rather petty and malevolent one; to get a front row seat in seeing Jessica suffer. Can Yeri help steer Taeyeon in the right direction and can SNSD put their past transgressions behind them and become whole once more? Lastly, can Taeyeon and Jessica finally put their differences aside once and for all?


Jessica's life is in shambles. She has been forced to file bankrupcy for her company, Blanc & Eclare. After lowering prices of her products, her contract with Coridel Entertainment is suddenly terminated and her relationship with the Shadowy and Mysterious Tyler Kwon also comes to an end. Too emberressed to turn to her parents and her sister, Jessica quietly returns to Korea. At this time, Red Velvet's maknae, Yeri, is sleeping over at Taeyeon's house like she often does. Jessica shows up at the house, having reluctantly decided to turn to Taeyeon for help. Taeyeon agrees to under the condition they keep it a secret, meaning that Yeri has to keep a secret as well. If the Maknae cracks, it will be over for all three of them. However, Taeyeon has a malevolent motive behind the helping hand; the ticket to a front-row seat of watching Jessica suffer. At the same time, Yeri becomes scared because of the secret's weight and the consequences it may bare. Can Yeri stay strong for her unnie? Will Taeyeon finally get over her jealousy and envy? And can Jessica bounce back?

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