To wish or not to wish

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For someone who dislikes sappy things, it never crossed Hongbin's mind to await for a shooting star to show right in front of his eyes. Neither that he would find out that the best and worst things in life happen at the most unexpected time. 




It all started with a Hyung! Let’s go out! I just read on twitter there are many stars out tonight” and it ended with him being dragged out of their place, “A shooting star could show up”

And Hongbin didn’t know what to make of it, the idea of going out of his room almost at midnight just because of some assumption that a shooting star could possibly, quite probably pass by just because there were many stars out today sounded extremely cheesy in every possible way.

But he is out, in the cold, standing in the middle of a park near the building he lives at.








A/N: Hello everyone! It is Rukia here with a new fanfic that I wanted to add to the Vixx tag, I started this fic on another platform that I love but decided that it would be a good idea to also bring it to my aff account (possibly will post it on ao3 but still not so sure) this fic will not be that long because the idea that I had for this was a short story. Also, I love Chabin and Vixx in general so you will most likely end up seeing me posting more of my works here. Though they will be short stories and one shots (like Love is but a nightmare)

Hope you enjoy this story and my attempt at fluff and romance. 

Update: chapter 2 has been posted! Thanks to everyone who reads this fic! Hope to hear your impressions on it~♡


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Chapter 2: What happens next?
Chapter 1: I love this <333
VIXXate_98 #3
Chapter 2: *inhales*
Becklectic #4
Chapter 2: AAHHH it’s so good to finally see chapter two of this!! :D (queue a long comment):

Sanghyuk is truly one cheeky jerk here - after everything he still shows little remose... part of me just wants to neck chop him to his senses haha

But mannn the way you wrote the confrontation... The mixed emotions and melancholiness of it all ahhhh (I particularly loved the line “...only making his heart feel nothing but conflicting emotions that clash like waves do against a cliff” — SO POETIC AHHH)

But the ending was just :,) I adored it so much! I really can’t wait to see what direction this story will take. I’m loving it so far <3
Fannesa #5
Chapter 1: I have to check ten times to see if this actually Nbin and to check if I'm being delusional ? but seriously, this story is good and I can't wait to see more of this!
Chapter 1: He's Hongbin, a total keeper!
ninalivixx #7
Chapter 1: I've been saved by this nbin story. im a trash for nbin and there's not much nbin stories here so thank author-nim <3