Lost and Found


It wasn’t planned. She wasn’t supposed to stay long.

But somehow, bumping into him gave her hope.

Even though she would never admit it, a part of her still wanted to get back together with him.

However, things don’t really work out.



“You have to think about it, is he worth it?”

“What will you feed her? Your monthly salary?”

“Wow, he looks like trouble.”

“Delicate? Yes, like a time bomb.”


All he wanted was just to stay out of trouble and live his life quietly.

He loved his job, it excited him.

Then he met her, a demanding young lady who always managed to get in his way.

And soon he realized, meeting her was both a dream and a nightmare.




She was back in town, due to circumstances she wanted to control but can't, she had no choice but to stay.

Or, her best friend would literally throw a tantrum that can affect the country's economy.

So she stayed, against her will.

And then he met him, despite all the stress of her being a top executive, he was always there, calm and steady.



She was never a part of his plan. 

And yet, there she was, traipsing across his office, distracting him.

The newcomer had somehow made his life a little messier, and yet he enjoyed it.

She was trouble for him, and it didn't make him want her less.


“You don’t get it. Why can’t you let him go?”

“I’m not as fearless as you think, you can’t want me!”

“You’re absentmindedly starting to want her.”

“I admit defeat. You win. Happy?”



poster made by skyheart

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