Forever With Me
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Kwon Yuri (18) flinched when she heard a loud bang from the other side of her room. She can also hear her mother’s raised voice demanding for an explanation. Yuri knows it has something to do with the letter her mother received this morning and being the obedient kid that she is, she decided not pry. After all, she knows her father will eventually tell her everything. Being their only child, Yuri is both loved by her parents but more by her father, for she matched closely to him, in terms of skills, judgment and strength. Maybe that’s the reason why she grew up wanting to be like her father –joining the emperor’s army and whatnot.


Kwon Sangwoo, Yuri’s father, was a general in the Emperor’s army –was. His last war caused him an almost broken leg and an eternity of pain. Which means he can’t walk straight and needs a stick to aid his walking. He was lucky he didn’t got killed but there were times he wished for his death instead of this impairment.




Yuri look up from what she was reading and turned to her door. She saw her father peeking thru the small gap. She smiles. “Appa…”


Sangwoo opened the door widely and took a seat on the foot of Yuri’s bed. “I’m sure you heard everything”


Yuri slowly shakes her head. “I only knew about the letter. I didn’t pry”


Sangwoo inhaled deeply and handed Yuri the parchment. He lets Yuri read and understand everything. The younger Kwon was silent for a good five minutes then slowly handed the letter back to her father.


“War is coming, Yuri-ah” Sangwoo slowly spoke. “And the emperor needs every help he can get”


“You think of enlisting again?”


Sangwoo nods his head. “I need to enlist again, Yuri. To protect you, your mother and my country”


Yuri’s head is in turmoil. Of course she doesn’t want her father to go. Heck! He can’t even barely walk properly but in the back of her mind she understand him. His principle, and he did swore to protect his family and his country. Who was she to stop her father from fulfilling that oath?


Yuri clenched her jaws. “I understand”


Sangwoo snap his head toward his daughter. He didn’t expect her to react like this, in fact, he expect her to unleash hell on him or talk some sense into him. But who was he kidding, Yuri’s mind is the same as his of course she will understand him.


“I’m glad you did” Sangwoo stood up and place a hand on Yuri’s shoulder. “Good night Yuri”


“When are you leaving?”


Sangwoo stop opening the door and look back at her daughter. “Tomorrow evening”


Yuri nods her head and lay on her bed, pulling the blanket over her. She wasn’t sleeping, she’s thinking. Yes, she understands her father but that doesn’t mean she’s willing to send him to his death. Standing up from her bed, Yuri had to make a decision. Her father’s life or her own –her old disabled father or the younger athletic her. She silently made her way to bathroom, she stares at her own reflection.


People around their village found her quite handsome for a girl. Yuri ran her hands thru her dark long locks, her hair is the only thing that makes her look like a woman. She turn to the blade her father gave to her. He did told her to use it when needed. She took the blade and cut her hair.


“Now no one will suspects a thing” Yuri proudly smiles at her reflection. “I really do look handsome”


Yuri silently approached her parent’s room. She took the parchment given to her father and exchange it with her blade. “I love you umma, appa”






Yuri handed the parchment to the comm

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