Awitin Mo, Isasayaw Ko (Sing to Me and I will Dance to It)


What do we do when it gets hot? We know.


This is your Pare, again, 1/4 of tolparebro97. We have different writing styles but we formulate the fanfics together. If you've read my other work, Pusong Ligaw, you can see that the way I write is inspired by aged songs, especially Filipino ones. I mostly write in Filipino because why not? The Filipino language in fanfics is something that's avoided by many readers, but Filipino fiction is not as bad as we think they are. Some are really cringey but I believe that if we tell good stories, any language is truly beautiful.


This work of fiction is written in Filipino -- and is written out of the scorching summer heat in the Philippines. This could be have a translation but the value of it having written in English would not be the same as this heavily reflects the Filipino culture. Anyway, enjoy!

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