Torn Between

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Oh sehun is a naïve omega ,who's torn between two identical alphas. (Kai and Jongin) one is his true mate and the other is his lover, the one he chooses to be with. What will happen when sehun finds out that his current boyfriend is not his true mate?

Will he let the love of his life go? Or will he fight nature and be with the person he loves? 

This story is specifically dedicated to my friend chensmiley. I hope you'd like it as much as you liked my other stories.


Oh sehun : 19 year old omega, he's naïve and madly in love with the wrong alpha. Whom he happened to go to the same college with.

Kim kai: 20 year old. a True born Alpha, son of the richest business man in Seoul. and aslo the heir of kim corps. he's an introvert and can aslo be selfish . But he truly cares for his family and the ones he love. He goes to same college with his brother and a very annoying omega. But sometimes he's the altruistic one.

Kim jongin: 20 year old, an ordinary Alpha and a competition to his twin brother. But jongin never sees kai as a competition or maybe he does–,He's gentle and kind to almost everyone. But sometimes he's the selfish one. and he envies his brother for being a true born. 





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