Doctors, Saviors.


Healthcare risks and concerns is increasing as the world moves faster. Involving the life of 7 Doctors of a world renowned Hospital. Catch the hard work of this 7 men that will change the concerns of Health. Will they provide new cure to many untreated diseases? What are their purposes in the Healthcare field? What do they go through each day both in their romantic and hectic life? 

Warning: Boyxboy love!




The X Files, Doctors.


X File 1: 

Name: Son Hyunwoo

Age: 26

Profession: Emergency Medicine Specialist,

A&E Specialist Lead/Doctor based on Emergency Surgery or any other emergency matters will be decided by Hyunwoo.

X File 2:

Name: Shin Hoseok (Wonho)

Age: 26

Profession: Pathologist

A doctor who investigates and identify the causes of diseases. Works mostly in the Lab.

X File 3:

Name: Lee Minhyuk

Age: 25

Profession: General Surgeon

Doctor specialise for Surgeries all over your body and many other surgery specialties.

X File 4:

Name: Yoo Kihyun

Age: 25

Profession: Radiologist/General Doctor

Doctor Specialist in Imaging test to diagnose diseases and many other aspects with very high radiation exposure. Also consult and treat patients regularly.

X File 5:

Name: Chae Hyungwon

Age: 24

Profession: Medicine Specialist

A Doctor who identify what type of medication and/or treatment base on reports from general doctors.  Spends most of the time in the Lab looking for cure.

X File 6:

Name: Lee Joo Heon

Age: 24

Profession: Physician Advisor/General Doctor

Spend most of the time in conferences, conducts clinical review on health cases covering many areas.

(GD)Also Treating patients on a daily basis.

X File 7:

Name: Im Changkyun

Age: 22

Profession: Overall Specialist/Physician Advisor

Diligent Doctor who sums up the correct illnesses and treatments. Conducts case studies base on current health concerns to find the correct treatment.

And all 7 of them belong to M Hospital. Dr. Im Changkyun is also picked as one of the best doctors in the world in the "Medical world: Top 10." As well as M Hospital Picked as one of the best and efficient hospital in the world.

So, This is their story.

Authors Note:

Please note that i am not certified in the Health Care Field. I just did alot of googling and made up many things. This is nothing related to the real health care but its something that i created in my head. It is a total Fantasy. It is okay to point out the mistakes but let me tell you beforehand that i have no experience or whatsoever in Medical field so i just google stuffs. Love yaaaaa. Shout out to all Monbebes! Lets get it! ♡


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