Doctors, Saviors.


Healthcare risks and concerns is increasing as the world moves faster involves the lifes of 7 Doctors of a world renowed Hospital, M Hospital. The hard work of this 7 men will it change the concerns of Health and will they provide new cure to many untreated diseases? What are their purposes in the Healthcare field? Staytuned! 



The X Files, Doctors.


X File 1: 

Name: Son Hyunwoo

Age: 26

Profession: Emergency Medicine Specialist,

A&E Specialist Lead/Doctor based on Emergency Surgery or any other emergency matters will be decided by Hyunwoo.

X File 2:

Name: Shin Hoseok (Wonho)

Age: 26

Profession: Pathologist

A doctor who investigates and identify the causes of diseases. Works mostly in the Lab.

X File 3:

Name: Lee Minhyuk

Age: 25

Profession: General Surgeon

Doctor specialise for Surgeries all over your body and many other surgery specialties.

X File 4:

Name: Yoo Kihyun

Age: 25

Profession: Radiologist/General Doctor

Doctor Specialist in Imaging test to diagnose diseases and many other aspects with very high radiation exposure. Also consult and treat patients regularly.

X File 5:

Name: Chae Hyungwon

Age: 24

Profession: Medicine Specialist

A Doctor who identify what type of medication and/or treatment base on reports from general doctors.  Spends most of the time in the Lab looking for cure.

X File 6:

Name: Lee Joo Heon

Age: 24

Profession: Physician Advisor/General Doctor

Spend most of the time in conferences, conducts clinical review on health cases covering many areas.

(GD)Also Treating patients on a daily basis.

X File 7:

Name: Im Changkyun

Age: 22

Profession: Overall Specialist/Physician Advisor

Diligent Doctor who sums up the correct illnesses and treatments. Conducts case studies base on current health concerns to find the correct treatment.

And all 7 of them belong to M Hospital. Dr. Im Changkyun is also picked as one of the best doctors in the world in the "Medical world: Top 10." As well as M Hospital Picked as one of the best and efficient hospital in the world.

So, This is their story.

Convos will be as follows;

Shownu SN
Wonho WH
Minhyuk MH
Kihyun KH
Hyungwon HW
Joo Heon JH
Changkyun IM

Authors Note:

Please note that i am not certified in the Health Care Field. I just did alot of googling and made up many things. This is nothing related to the real health care but its something that i created in my head. It is a total Fantasy. It is okay to point out the mistakes but let me tell you beforehand that i have no experience or whatsoever in Medical field so i just google stuffs. Love yaaaaa. Shout out to all Monbebes! Lets get it! ♡

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