Et Cetera

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Recently I did a poll on my Twitter account which got over 100 votes. I have been contemplating for the longest time in doing short stories of TWICE. Especially when I see contents on my dash, it just sparks my imagination. So therefore, I will be writing a section of short stories which may be less than 1K words or 5K. But it will NOT be like my regular updates of 10K+ words. Anyways essentially I hope I can create a compilation of short stories. Content may be extreme fluff to angst to mature to whatever my imagination thinks of.


If you are interested or would like me to write a short story, you can comment or request down below of your OTP/SHIP/genre/etc. 



There is no particular order for who comes next on the request. I will update when I get to it.



What is love? TWICE !! :) 






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Celebrating my 100th Et Cetera chapter with a TWICE family AU! Thanks for voting/reading/commenting/etcccc! Enjoy. Hope to continue more short stories in the future.
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