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Established on 16.04.18; Chillax roleplay is a home for anime, manga and game lovers to roleplay their favorite character(s)! Here at Chillax, there’s no worry for disablings, as we are a twitter based roleplay. Our aim is to create a fun filled and of course, a chill and relaxing atmosphere for everyone!


rules and how to join

001 - Subscription is a must. Upvotes are optional but very much appreciated!

002 - Respect each other. Try to avoid ic & ooc drama, talk to the base if needed. Facechasing, OTP chasing, relationship chasing and biased replies are strictly prohibited. 

003 - This is a closed rp so please do not follow anyone outside of the roleplay!

004 - Talk to everyone. We do not appreciate cliques! We understand that you would want to talk to your friends more but please make an effort to talk to everyone! Welcome newcomers, do not stick only to your friends/clique!

005 - Love knows no limits but please be aware that we do have a dating ban of 5 days! Take the time to know each other first!  Moving couples are allowed, but do remember to mention it in your application!

006 - CC & TCC is unlimited but do not abuse it! TCC lasts for 48 hours. You need to stay as your current character for at least 1 week before being able to change.

007 - Double accountsarrow-10x10.png are allowed only after a week of joining, and depending on your activeness! You MUST INFORM the base if you wish to have a second account .

008 - This isn’t a rp so that means no ual images/contents are allowed on the timeline. Pw is your ooc age. If you are caught, you’ll receive a warning. Do whatever you want in dms WITH your partner’s consent.

009 - You have to reach 72 tweets within 72 hours of joining in order for us to know that you’re active. Inactivity of 5 days will lead to a kick out.

010 - Please do not confuse IC & OOC together, make sure to distinguish them by using (), [], {}, etc.

011 - We accept characters from any anime/manga/games/comics.

012 - DM the base if you’re leaving, taking a hiatus, cc/tcc, or if you’re having any kind of troubles, we’ll be glad to help you with that! Hiatus lasts for a maximum of 1 month while a semi-hiatus for 2 weeks.

Check the masterlist to see if your desired character is available, or the wishlist if you’re undecided! then Fill in the application form.

once you're done Comment in aff saying “applied as (anime/manga/game)'s (name of your character)”

WHEN accepted you THEN have 72 hours to make your accountand mention the base.

Do not delete your comment once you've been accepted.



wl / ml / cl

kuroo wishes for haikyuu (esp nekoma & karasuno), knb, free.
neji wishes for naruto (esp hinata, team guy), fairy tail, hunter x hunter.
bokuto  wishes for haikyuu (esp fukurodani), Free!, Kuroko no Basket, (all sports anime).
emilia wishes for everyone from re:zero, re-l (ergo proxy) and also snk.
akaashi wishes for voltron's keith, free!'s yamazaki sousuke & makoto tachibana, final fantasy 15 and persona 5.
707 wishes for mysmes charas, mc and jaehee.
kakashi wishes for rest of team 7, umino iruka, uchiha obito, nohara rin, one piece, fairy tail, snk's eren and jean. 

bungou stray dogs - chuuya
death note - light (19/04)
final fantasy - noctis
free! - Nagisa (19/04)
haikyuu - bokuto kuroo oikawa kageyama ushijima akaashi hinata
kamjisama hajimemaa: nanami(22/04)
kyou kara maou - wolfram yuuri
mystic messenger - 707 zen
naruto - kakashi naruto neji
orange: kakeru(21/04)
ouran high school host club: tamaki
owari no seraph - yuuichiro
persona 5 -
re:zero - emilia
Shingeki no kyojin - levi
siren's lament - lyra
yuri on ice - victor
what does the fox say - sumin sungji 

kakashi & naruto - 8.8.17  

member & member -date 

member & member -date 

member & member -date 

member & member - date 

member & member - date 

member & member - date 


Opened on 16.04 (JST) & accepting!
Already 22 members, join us!

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0 points #1
Applied as Ju Sungji from What Does The Fox Say
Applied as Nanami from Kamisama Kiss
niinetales #4
applied as hinata from haikyuu
applied as Lyra from siren's lament
do you accept characters from webtoons?
meanttov #7
Applied as Kakeru from Orange. Thank you.
aiwrpg #10

- Ushijima Wakatoshi
- Victor Nikiforov
- Yuuri Shibuya

- Tamaki Suoh
- Noctis
- Kageyama Tobio
- Nagisa
- Light Yagami