The Earl of Vilion.

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Oh Minji and her younger sibling Oh Sehun paid a surprise visit to the central city of Aria in hopes of meeting their legal guardian and setting up a house in the city. However, their plans went slightly deranged when they happened to come across an egoistic, narcissist and stuck up dandy who later on also turned out to be their obnoxious guardian. Minji has always expected their guardian, the fifth Earl of Vilion, to be in his late fifties but what she hasn’t expected was for him to be a young bachelor in his late twenties. Something surely has gone wrong.


“How much longer do you plan on keeping me waiting, Kyungsoo? I’d rather not waste our time standing here. Move that thing out of the way.” Minji felt her irritation towards the haughty male increasing by each passing second as she took notice of the air of dandified ignorance that he put on.

“I fancy that you’re being a little bit too self-centered, Sir. I said that we don’t need your help. Sehun! Get down and hand the reins over to me.” Driven by her irritation the enraged girl chided her brother; who was still trying to calm the scared horses down. It was either that the man failed to hide his amusement at her sudden outburst or he never intended to do it. Nevertheless, it grated on her already agitated nerves greatly.

“I have not the slightest intention of offering my help to you, dear.” The way he punctuated the small endearment with a smug tilt to his lips at the end caused her to bristle further.

“You will be surprised to know that my tiger- Kyungsoo here is quite able to clear the road for me.” She hated it. The way he sounded so sure of himself. The way he made it seem like he was far more superior to them all- that he can’t even bother to care any less about the whole ruckus. The rude, obnoxious stranger needed to have a reality check which she was delighted to offer.



“I always find you at times of distress, don’t I?” Baekhyun inquired in an all too smug tone from his high seat before casually petting his horse and jumping off his place with a graceful ease.

“As you said so yourself- this is my time of distress and it has nothing to do with you, Sir. Please be kind and drive on.” Minji replied through gritted teeth and quickly hid her stocking clad ankle under the lacy flare of her dress. She can’t believe her luck. First, her sandal’s strap broke off in the middle of nowhere and now she had to suffer in the company of a man she learned to despise since their very first meeting. If that wasn’t enough there was a probability that the previously mentioned male had a nice and clear view of her shapely ankle which was highly unacceptable. The distressed girl could already feel her face flaring.

“Now, that’s fairly sad, don’t you think so Kyungsoo?” Baekhyun inquired from his tiger insolently before tracing one of his gloved fingers along the bridge of his nose in mock wonder.

“I was going to offer this fair lady a ride home on my curricle.” He continued without waiting for the tiger’s response which wasn’t going to come anyway.

“I don’t want a ride from you! Others might think that to be a great honour, sir, but-”

“It is a great honour, my good girl. I never drive females.”


“This is not possible! There ought to be a mistake,” Minji cried out in vexation. There was no possible way that they were the wards of the narcissist dandy that both, her and Sehun had decided was insufferable. She can’t believe that the arrogant curricle man was actually the fifth Earl of Vilion- the man who held control over all the fortune that their father has left for them.

“How can our father name you as our guardian?”

“I fancy this whole situation, in the same manner, Miss Oh, but do know that the mistake was not from my side,” Baekhyun replied calmly before taking hold of the will that was previously sitting on his parlour’s table.

“Your father- although he was a good friend of mine’s had never met me before.” He continued while handing over the papers to her.

“I shared the same name as my father. Mr. Oh made a mistake with the title- if it was a mistake. He stated fifth Earl of Vilion instead of fourth. Unfortunately, that’s me.”




+ This story is set in Regency Period. It is not medieval era (though it was familiar to it in many manners) so please do keep that in mind if you’re ever going to correct my description of something.

+ Even though, I derive an immense amount of inspiration from the ‘real world’ still, this story is going to be alternate universe because let’s admit it- it will give me some loopholes that I desperately need. This story is not going to be the exact version of the real world regency period, but I would try my best that it’s really close to it (I would try not to make any extreme changes). So if you’re expecting a perfect representation of that period from me you’ll be a little disappointed because nothing is perfect when it comes to me.  

+ I encourage constructive comments and criticism, but please do keep in mind that I started studying the era just recently and even though  I have done my research ( I spent days T^T) still I’m prone to make mistakes here and there. If you have an issue with something- point that out to me kindly, but before you do that please make sure that your point is 100% valid. The research on overall regency period is part of my University studies too. I would be really grateful to you guys if you help me study it correctly.

+ I tried to incorporate their flowery way of speaking while trying to keep it as simple as I could. I can’t do any better than this. The whole story would be explained in 3rd POV just like my other stories and the above mentioned flowery language would be only limited to dialogues for the sanity of my mind and yours.

+ Last and most important thing is that this story is totally, completely, entirely based on Georgette Heyer’s novel ‘Regency Buck’. The start of the story would be quite similar, but that’s it. The further the story proceeds, the more it would stray from the story of the novel.




I hope you guys have not skipped that lengthy piece of ‘Important Note’ that I wrote because believe me when I say you need to read it before you start.

Plus, please don’t judge me so hard for this. It’s my first time attempting to write something like this.

Lastly, do enjoy the story and support me through it. I will be really thankful. Upvotes and comments are highly appreciated; especially comments.



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Chapter 2: i was about to delete aff and then i saw this story. definitely fate. i love love love how u portray your words beautifully, the sentences really makes me feel in awe. thank you, we cant find good quality stories like this on aff anymore and baekhyun jsjsjsjsj being typical baekhyun
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This sounds so interesting
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Chapter 2: I really respect you for putting a lot of research and effort into this!! Great work!
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Chapter 2: Oh my god lord byunXD..he's very, very smug I see (not that it makes him any less attractive)...and is kyungsoo a hybrid? he's not a real tiger is he? lol here we go again with the kyungsoo talk XD..I'm sorry but I'm so intrigued with kyungsoo lol..and saturday sounds nice^^
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Chapter 2: every two weeks on saturday sounds nice!!! I love it when there's a schedule for you to publish but please take your time to write
I will wait patiently
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Chapter 2: ♡ I didn't want it to end. You are doing great job; love you're work ♡
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Chapter 2: Ooooh let the fun begin mwahahahaha
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