Dark and Light ~ Book 1~

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Black and White. Light and Dark.

We are in a world where people, unique ones, have special abilities. Powers. They are the people who are always in the spot light, always picked to be the greatest, the wanted. While some people who are normal human beings, are ignored, the second best, the disappointments. And yet, they all live in harmony. The normals are getting by. Living their lives to the fullest and are contented as the chosen ones help them along the way. There is peace. 


But one day, one person changed it all.


Now, everything is in chaos.




"My son, I'm sorry for being a bad father. I'm not always there when you needed me. Being busy with work, I lost so much time spending it with you and your mother. I hope you forgive me. Also, there are things I wanted to tell you in person. I have so much to tell and I wish you could come. Attach to this is the time and address where I want us to meet." Being said by nine boys.
"Why can't you just come here and say it?"
Stupid Dad.
It has been a year since the boys had last seen their father. Though they understand that he's busy working for them, they can’t understand why is their mother is slowly getting weaker by the second. Their mother is not too old for her to get sick and get tired all the time. Walking only for a while easily exhausting her to collapsing!? It's absurd.  
To top it off, their dad is sending them to meet. And their mother is giving them permission to go and meet their father for that. As mush as they wanted to disobey, worried something might happen to her, they can't really do it. They love their mother so much and their father. So, with a heavy heart, they followed. 
But they are not giving their father a nice talk for leaving them too long and for letting their mother suffer for so long, alone.
"You better have a good explanation, Old man."


Hi guys. 

I'm new with writing fanfiction so please take it easy with my character development. Since it's fiction, I don't know what is the SPEXIAL's individual personalities so I will base it on what I can see in them. 

Also, I've been looking for fanfiction where SPEXIAL is the main characters but I can't find anywhere so I decided to write my own story about them. I know they're taiwanese but I plan on making this fiction in english with their english stage names. It will be easier for me to write.

I'm also a fan of KO One, X Family and KO3an Gou. I haven't watched the others and I tend to skip the series because I'm getting confused with the story line and I have to watch the whole series again to get the storyline in order. 

Please bear this with me. And comment about your opinion.

Please no ting me.

I can handle criticism but in a civil and respectful manner. No one's perfect but be reasonable.

Thank you and enjoy my first chapter ^_^



The Brothers:

  • Wes Javier 
  • Wayne Javier 
  • Win Javier
  • Dylan Javier
  • Evan Javier
  • Brent Javier
  • Sam Javier
  • Teddy Javier
  • Ian Javier

Mark Javier - Kathy's husband. Father of the nine boys. CEO and owner of Emipire Dimension Inc. Also. director of Olympian School for Special Academics and Abilities.

Kathy Javier - Mark's wife. Mother of the nine boys. Teacher and co-director of Olympian School for Special Academics and Abilities.

The Sisters:

  • Alexa Matthew
  • Dianna Marquez
  • Kat Alba
  • Mika Ortega
  • Candy Dizon
  • Ellie Dizon
  • Nina Rose
  • Vanessa Gomez
  • Gem Pascual

*Other characters will be posted through out the story. 

Chapter 11 - 13 has been updateda dn edited. please read them , because I added something. thank you ^_^
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