LOVE Overdose


Chanyeol and Baekhyun are medical students.

Chanyeol is a heartthrob of the college and is known for being a prankster.

Baekhyun is an intelligent student who wants to be a good doctor & built a good carrier more than anything.

What is going to happen when Baekhyun gets transferred to Chanyeol's college?

Will they become friends?? 

Will they become lovers?

How love's gonna blossom between the two opposite personalities??

Read and know;)


Im a medical student and I've written the story with that prospective.

It's a pure imagination.

The places, the characters have nothing to do with Real people or place.

If you like the story please comment and upvote! Thank you:)

I'm really not good with English, please bear with me!!

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