The Blood of Gods Runs in Our Veins [Camp Wars 7 Updated]

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SNSD Percy Jackson Demigod AU shots 

1. A Leader's Sacrifice - Taengsic - Greek and Roman demigods were kept seperate for centuries since the bloody disaster that was the American civil war. By some of chance, Taeyeon and Jessica end up in the same high school in NYC. They don't really interact all year but they know of each other because they are both loners in school (Taeyeon may or may not want to be loners together). In school, Taeyeon is the troublemaker who could never sit still while Jessica is the quiet kid who rarely spoke. Outside of school, Taeyeon is the daughter of Zeus, child of the Great Prophecy, and unofficial leader of Camp Half-Blood. Jessica is the daughter of Pluto and Praetor of the Twelfth Legion of New Rome. They were never supposed to meet, but an attack in school by a flock of Keres, or she-demons, bring them together and Taeyeon brings Jessica to Camp Half-Blood thinking she is also a Greek demi-god like her. Unfortunately for both of them, Jessica cannot stay. Set before the second series. Featuring: Daughter of Poseidon Yuri, Daughter of Ares Hyoyeon, Daughter of Aphrodite Yoona, and Artemis Huntress Tiffany. Finished. 


2. Against All Odds - Taengsic - The sequel to A Leader's Sacrifice. Based off the Hero of Olympus series. Taeyeon wakes up with all her memories wiped except for the name Jessica Jung. Taeyeon ends up in the camp for Roman Demigods, Camp Jupiter, as the daughter of Jupiter. There she learns of the lost hero named Jessica Jung, daughter of Pluto. Jessica wakes up in a similar fashion and the only thing she remembers is this image of a girl (spoiler it's Taeyeon). There's an angry redhead that's out for her blood (her name is Tiffany apparently and she's the lieutenant of the Hunters of Artemis). She ends up re-befriending Yuri, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Seohyun, Sunny, and Yoona. They all end up on some crazy quest to save the world (once again), this time from Gaea, otherwise known as mother Earth. Oh and Seohyun has been summoned by her mother Athena on an impossible quest that hasn't been fulfilled in centuries. Can Jessica and Taeyeon find their way back home and back to each other? Can they make sure the demigods all work together? Or is it the end of the world? Finished.


3. Loving Death - Jeti - Jessica is claimed as a child of Hades. Only problem is after she's been claimed, her powers are finally unleashed and everything she touches dies - grass, flowers, bugs. Thankfully, humans are complex beings so she can't accidentally kill people. That doesn't mean the campers don't make sure to keep a wide radius away from her. Death literally clings to the girl. Too scary for people to approach her, Jessica spends her day at camp alone. She spars with dummies. Only Chiron, the camp director, is brave enough to approach the poor soul. That all changes when Tiffany Hwang, child of Aphrodite approaches the her one day. It's really not so crazy to believe - after all love and death have always come hand in hand for centuries. But Jessica's finally found a friend. Too bad she can't control her powers, making the gods mark her as a danger. They lock her away in the underworld where she will spend the rest of eternity in isolation. Can she keep her mind intact as she absorbs all the death around her? Can Tiffany rescue her new friend? Can Jessica learn what it means to love?


4. Even After the War is Won, We Fight for Peace - Taengsic - The Giant War is over. Gaea has been defeated. Now, the two camps must negotiate a peace treaty of sorts and discuss how they're going to interact with each other in the future. Jessica, child of Zeus, is sent to Camp Jupiter as an ambassador of sorts. Taeyeon, child of Neptune, is one of the praetors of Camp Jupiter. When Jessica pops into Camp Jupiter with a flash of lightning wearing a flowy white romper, sandals, and golden bracelets - a style reminiscent of the Ancient Greeks - Taeyeon mistakes her for a goddess and makes the entire camp bow. Hilarity ensues from there. One shot. Finished. 


5. Everything is Fair in Love and War - Jeti - Jessica is a nobody in school. Tiffany happens to be the queen bee. She is also a daughter of Aphrodite so she's gorgeous as hell and our Jessica can't help but have feelings for her even if Tiffany doesn't like Jessica for whatever reason. What happens when suddenly Jessica finds out she's a demigod and they are forced together? Taengsic friendship. 


6. Camp Wars - Jeti, Seulrene and more- The rivalry between Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter is long and old. Tensions between the two camps have been rising for years. When two teams meet on a quest, conflicts between the two camps arise until there's no other way to settle which camp is the better one once and for all except with the first ever DEMIGODS OLYMPICS. Demigods vs demigods. Demigods vs monsters. Who will win? Who will lose? Which camp will come out victorious and prove themselves to be better? Are you Team Greeks or Team Romans? Choose your side! (Rated M for mentions of because of Tiffany lol) 



Feel free to comment any prompt requests you may have. Pairings include Taengsic and Jeti. Am also taking suggestions for godly parents of snsd. 


I hope to write daughter of Zeus Jessica some time too. And daughter of Athena Jessica. 

Also, I have a Jessica x Aphrodite(Tiffany) story in mind if y'all are interested lmao. 



Let the CAMP WARS BEGIN!!! Who's team are you on? Team Greek or Team Roman?
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