I Will Show You

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After a few months of healing, you have finally gain more confidence of yourself and is now a fully grown woman. A successful one at that. You started to learn dancing and like to go out more with your friends now. Now you are seeking your revenge to the guy who cheated on your back. The concept of revenge has always been bad and dark, but for you, the best revenge is to look happier and not let him bring you down anymore. Especially now that another guy has enter the picture. How will it turn out? 


''I want you back...."

''You're just wanting me back because i'm more open Baek...''

''No, i still love you after all these years''

''If you did, you would've came looking for me before''







You aka Kang So Ra

- A successful businesswoman and model 

- Currently running a fashion and makeup line 

-Kindhearted and caring 

- Was cheated on by Baekhyun 

- Has already moved on and is seeking revenge on Baekhyun 




- First heir of KNG Group 

- Currently managing KNG Group with his dad

- A Playboy that has hurt alot of girl's heart
- Always dating different girls 

- Cheated on So Ra

- Has forgotten about her because he doesn't care about her 



Kang Daniel 

- A model and also the founder of KDN Groups

- Is Byun Baekhyun's rival 

- A very caring and loving guy 

- Models with you occasionally 



Other characters might be added in the future!



hello im back with the sequel of I Really Didn't Know !! New subbies, please read the previous story for better understanding for this story haha.

After so long, i'm finally back with my sequel! sorry for the wait guys
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