Dreaming Of You || Hwang Minhyun

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❝I dreamed about him again. About Hwang Minhyun.❞ For random people, dreams are just random illusions forming inside people's minds whenever they close their eyes and sleep. But it was different for Park Erica. She had the weirdest dreams of all--and the most peculiar one is that guy named Hwang Minhyun, who claims to be living in the reality and dreaming about her as well.

"If you're real, then I'll be thankful."

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"I dreamed about him again. About Hwang Minhyun."


A series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep.

He was just a dream.
An image drawn inside my head,
A thought; a sensation I've been feeling
whenever I close my eyes.

"Who are you?" 
I asked.

"I'm Hwang Minhyun. May I ask for your name, my lady?" 
He responded.

"I-I'm Erica. Park Erica."

"Erica, what a lovely name for a lovely lady."
I was dreaming, but somehow I felt my heart pounding so fast, as if it was all in reality.

"Tell me, am I dreaming?"
His deep, brown eyes slowly gazed into mine.

"We both are."




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