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OMG!~~ It's my first time ever to write here in my whole life~~ I'm always a reader here But my fave idols Bambam from Got7 and Lisa from BlackPink known as "BamLisa" has rare stories.

Note: English is not my first language so please bear with me good people~~I also apologize if there's any typos or any grammatically errors. Also u guys know that Bambam co-wrote a song called "The Reason" for their recent album "Eyes on You" so that's why I based it on my story title.

Here's a One Shot for BamLisa~A chat format. It's based on their recent lives but with a touch of a fictional plot. Enjoy!


The Reason.

Every person has his own worries and doubts. All we can do is to support them and make them feel better.

Sometimes, they only want others' comfort. To make them feel loved, to strengthen their self-worth.


I hope you guys like it~ I apologize if it was imperfect. It's my first time write a story and a one-shot. .keke. . ;) I would love to see your comments and feedbacks so that I'll improve my writing in the future too. .;))) Thank u!


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Chapter 1: i love bamlisa