Missed Bullet


“Always when I go to sleep, I miss you.

That has been your best shot.” 

- Nerea Delgado 


Missed bullet

“It’s bleeding again.” Chanyeol grabbed a piece of wet cotton, wiping the dry blood stains on his chest.

Xiumin entered the room, towel on his hair and toothbrush on his mouth. “Good morning.” He said half asleep and walked towards the closet.

“Good morning.” He placed a bandage against the red hole that decorated his chest, he pressed it down, securing it with just few tape. “Hey, stop grabbing my clothes and buy yours.”

Xiumin chuckled, rummaging through the closet. “I just like some of your clothes, not all of them.” The guy turned around, a blue shirt on his hand and frowned as he saw how the tall guy wrapped his red stain pajama, he walked to him and poked slightly the chest of the other. “Man, at this pace you’re going to lose all you blood.”

Chanyeol grimaced as his friend press harder on his chest, grabbing the guy’s finger and throwing it to the side. “Just stop poking, you crazy jerk.”

Xiumin laughed and walked away, stopping at the door of the room and looking to the left, where a calendar hanged, red marks decorated the days. “I was going to ask if you want me to place a mark there, but I see you already put it there.” He shrugged and walked away.

Chanyeol growled as he pressed the last tape on the bandage, he sat on the edge is his bed and flopped back. Maybe Xiumin was right, at this rate he’ll be dead soon.


He walked down the street, hands on his pockets and earphones at a high volume, he shook his head at the rhythm of the music and his hands marked the pace as like he was playing the drums.

If he had been there maybe he would be accompanying him singing and bobbing his head as his brown curls feel on his forehead.

He growled in pain as a sting hit his chest, he stopped and doubled in pain as he let the stitch decreased, when he was good, he straight up and hit his forehead.

Dammit Chanyeol, again thinking on him. He grabbed the earphones and he saved them on his pockets, because maybe music won’t do him good today.


Another day of work, another day of boring talks while he had to fake smoke, another day of piles and piles of papers.

He walked down the empty street while his free hand loosened his tie, he sighed and stretched his hands to the sides as he back cracked, maybe an appointment with the chiropractor would do him good.


The sound of a bullet resound on his ears and the feeling of a thousand of daggers hit his chest. He bit his lip hard and sighed as he turned around, putting his best smile.

There he was radiant as always, the brown hair now, more than anytime, shone with the soft lighting of the warm evening, he looked fresh and radiant as he gave the most beautiful smile, his delicate fingers moving from side to side as he waved to him.

It hurt him, it hurt him so bad how perfect he looked.

“Baekhyun.” Chanyeol tried his best for his voice to not break. “It’s good to see you around so much.” His chest pained as he saw how the brunette guy skipped a few steps towards him.

“Yeah, I know. It’s good to see everybody doing so well. Even you.” Baekhyun placed a hand on Chanyeol’s arm and he flinched as he felt how a line of blood went down from his chest to his stomach.

“Yes, it’s nice seeing you too.” Baekhyun let his hand ran down Chanyeol’s arm, as he smiled and ran a hand through his hair.

Chanyeol smiles painfully, It’s was like Baekhyun was a hitman and all the shots were against Chanyeol.

“I just wanted to give you this.” Baekhyun rummaged on his backpack and took out an envelope, Chanyeol grabbed it and turned it around.

“What’s this?”

“My wedding invitation.”

The end. Chanyeol felt the most painful excruciating pain on his chest, fresh blood poured out his chest and his eyes burned with the hot tears that accumulate as he tried his best to not let them fall.

He wished he could pass out from the pain, but he couldn’t so he just nodded as he felt a knot on his throat, no words could describe how destroyed he was feeling right now.

“I hope to see you there.” The brunet smiled one last time before turning around and walking away.

Baekhyun had just killed him without even knowing it.


His legs felt weak as he reached his bedroom, with a shivering hand he bit the lid of his red marker, taking it off and placed a mark on today’s place in the calendar, he threw the marker, walking towards his bed, he sat down on it as he opened up his shirt, his hands were completely red as he reached to the side where a pack of wet towels laid, with tears running down his face he wiped the blood that covered his entire chest.

He hissed in pain as with one hand he pressed hard on the wound to stop the blood from coming out, his vision was blurry, but he couldn’t differentiate if it was from crying so much or from the loss of blood.

He flopped down on his bed and sighed as his eyes closed from exhaust, everything became black while his white sheets became red.


Always when I go to sleep, I miss you.

That has been your best shot.

One bullet enough to kill Chanyeol, one bullet called Baekhyun that engraved on his heart.




A/N: Hi, sorry for all the typos, I wrote this at 4:00 Am in the morning, I saw a picture with the phrase and well this came. 

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