Is This You Confessing?

Love You When I'm Drunk

Maybe he is not that good with challenges.

Maybe Hoya is a bitter loser at drinking games and takes revenge in ways he would've approved if sober.

Maybe he was just deprived.

Definitely it was NOT because he missed the er who went as far as leaving his just before their anniversay. All because he  was 'fed up with his drinking buddies stealing his moment '. 

"Cheezy er. What am I, a Cupid's minion? Did I suddenly grow s and lost my in pink stilettos?! What the actual ?!"

He paid zero attention to the stuttered giggles, chuckles and whatever sounds the others were making listening to his tantrums.

Chicks threw tantrums, for crying out loud!!!

" And how the did you come up with this ty dare, Ho? That's right, I freaking intended the pun, you lousy stupid  loser mother er."

"Hyung, maybe you shouldn't take him up on know how pittyful he was these last few days since Woohyun went to..." his younger peer tried to pitch in.

" You ing called me pitt....Well, you, too, MyungSuckYeol! I don't need your insight and I definitely don't want to hear you explaning my conduct to this HOrish fool." he slapped said person on his shoulder, sending him wobbling down the soft couch of the selected club.

Whatever happened to the good ol' times when drinking was a time of having fun, worries left to rotten until the next day? Oh, yeah...Woohyun left.

Not simply left.

Woohyun left Sunggyu. 

Sad part is, the elder just won't get it through his thick skull that Woohyun wanted to gain his attention, not giving him an ultimatum.

Ok, maybe some of his buddies- drinking buddies, that is- are no more, no less smitten with his boyfriend and far too scaredy cats to admit it. And maybe, just maybe, they like to see Sunggyu lose his over Woohyun topics, thing that only happens when he's long gone to the realm of Bachus, staking his claim on the title and ruling like no other Sin.

You see, getting Sunggyu drunk used to be a matter of learning new swearings, hearing a damn good track played live and face it, free booze. 

Good ol' times. 

Then, Woohyun happened.

It wasn't that it all went down the drain, on the contrary.Well, except maybe for the free booze. That stingy Woohyun actually had him stressing the fact in front of others!

No, it was beyond strange to see Sunggyu self conscious in the middle of drinking spree. Though none of the guys admitted  it, it was a good strange. Suddenly thoughts were exchanged, prospects were considered, the flings would be equally shushed and enjoyed privately without wild howls. They were....spending the time light heartedly. 

And everyone put the blame on Woohyun, because he damn straight got to Sunggyu.  He had changed him, his ways and it was sort of intriguing knowing the one that managed the unfathomable. All of them wanted to meet him or have him join them, but he always denied it, saying he would only get in the way of their lush time since he was tagged at the party pooper since he could remember. the end of it all, he was right. 

Because ever since he went MIA on Sunggyu , days prior to their one year anniversary, turned ugly. 

Sunggyu went through a PMS phase, one minute bickering, the next wailing, then giving encouraging speeches, only to crash down and swear like a sailor at his own words. 

Safe to say, Hoya was the first to admit enough was enough. He must've picked up on something important to actually dare Sunggyu into confessing his feelings via recording and sending the file to Woohyun's work email account. The only one he would never ignore.

So, here they were, hours after getting wasted, all squeezed inside Myungsoo's car, ready to cheer on Sunggyu's long due confession.

"Did I mention how I hate you all, especially you, Ho!? Ugh...move your fat out of my reach,Myung. Can't you hold it until we get to your special 's studio?"

"Are you sure he should be doing this drunk?" a very oddly timed voice of reason spoke from behind the wheel. Dongwoo had been designated their driver for the night, hence the only sober one among the lot.

"Now, more than ever." Myungsoo. 

" I think you only want a free ride to Sungyeol's studio."

"That, too. But I won't lose this opportunity for anything. Hoya had the best idea ever." the younger giggled, fighting Sunggyu's touchy hands.

The minute they arrived, it was just a matter of time before they clued Yeol in  and got his best taping equipment at disposal.

"Oh, this is gonna be epic." Yeol's chirpy squealing was nothing but trouble. "Who managed to convince him?"

" His ego!" Hoya all but snickered. "HE always picks a dare, insted of truth. "

"This is just different way to the same outcome. Brilliant!!! Wicked. I like your dirty ways, Hoya." Sungyeol high fived him, or at least high threeed  him, since the latter was a bit off coordination due to the massive alcohol intake.

"Thank you. Now, are we ready for...Oh, crap."

In the midst of rejoicing in their friend's impending doom they failed to see Sunggyu had actually fallen asleep on them. 

It wasn't a pretty sight, when drool was coating his puffed cheek and he leaned precariously close to the edge of an electrical socket.But, he managed to shift his weight into an odd yoga pose which got every single one cringing on the very thought of Sunggyu actually practicing that .

" If this ain't chick flick, I don't know what is." Hoya mouthed a gagging reflex.

" Can I at least caption this for further messing? I'm not ending this night without a modicum token." Sungyeol chirped again,while the others deflatedly agreed.

Once the deed was done, they took their leave, graciously granting Sunggyu the time for himself for the remaining of the night.

A good laugh would always come with a price, but it wasn't his for the knowing.

Well, not unless he counted Woohyun's text the very next day....the blasted thing chimed Sunggyu's brains into a tormenting thunder.

Is this you confessing? ^^ I love you, too.

Not once since they've met had Sunggyu heard or seen anything of the sorts.

Maybe it was his foggy mind that made things up.

Maybe it was his ardent desire to finally stop being in the dark with the way they stood. Frankly, Sunggyu had never intended saying such thing, because...hey, they were guys and practical adults.Was chemistry in need of romanticizing, really? 

Facts were they liked each other, tolerated one another and enjoyed the perks of single pairing . And that was all.

Woohyun felt they needed more , but never pressured Sunggyu, giving him his time.Whatever that meant.

Truthfully, the elder didn't understand why he had to cope with Woohyun pouting in the midddle of pecks, as if he was expecting Sunggyu to fill in some imaginary blanks.

He cared for him, always cared for his ( quite literally, if you think about it). What more was there ?

With a grunt that summed up his wild night's after effects, Sunggyu wiped the drool on the side of his mouth on his crumpled...

"ing lil' , Yeol. I know this is your doing." he whined, trying to erase the permanent marker staint on his chest.

Did he have to use a pink colored one? Locating a lenghty mirror he stared in awe at his reflection. A big fat, cheeky pink heart was adorning the patch of skin left out from his disheveled  ed shirt, centered with a  glossy Yours.

His angry fit would have to wait until he removed the disturbing display.

Searching for some tissues, he accidentaly knocked one of the stools , the camera which was pointed sideways suddenly projecting a very familiar back of his.

It was an instant attack, both image and sound, as he watched with impending dread what he refused to belive to have happened.

A hiccuping him was fighting air, not because he was barely standing on his feet, but because he was trying to zoom in on his wasted face in hopes of taking a freaking selfie. His efforts seemed compromised, so he decided on recording, which he had been doing all along. The filming stopped in an instant.

Sunggyu was screaming inside. He didn't....he couldn't have.

As if to prove himself wrong, the filming went on, portraying his wobbly feet hiding his front while he appeared to struggle with something on his chest, his staggering accompanied by childish chuckles, just like a naughty kid intent on misbehaving.

"Oh, god....please. Don't tell me I..."

Yup, could get worse and uglier.

He watched himself doing an elegant turn, his arms yanking his shirt open and revealing what he had just drawn on himself. A ing pink heart. And a very glossy Yours was filling the contour.

He was in pain. He literally felt like the air was skipping is lungs.

I had a dream last night I slept with someone else
Doesn’t mean that I’ve cheated on you
It was amazing and I couldn’t stop myself
Could it be that I really want to 

Of all the craziest drunken stunts....he had to pick that song and dance to it. And it was considered confessing?!  Oh, he felt like throwing up.

I don’t wanna be that guy, look you in the face and lie
But someone has to say it first
Even if the words may hurt
I only love you, I only love you, I only love you
Only love you, only love you when I’m drunk

Yes, someone shoot him. Right there and then! 

He had taken the whole context wrong, but somehow he delivered a message Woohyun was apparently waiting for.

How ed up was that?

He will never drink again!!

His phone chimed with a new message delivered to his inbox. Since it was a personalised tune, he simply groaned before reading it.

Now I have to love you, my boss won't have me any other way. He kicked my back to you as I type. You were cute, but it was a company account you delivered the file to. It's gone viral, Gyu :*)

Why din't he faint already?! Why was he still watching himself make a fool of himself on camera, knowing he ing sent this to his practically in-law's company?

Wait, what?! Where the did that come from?  What's Woohyun's family company got to do with their relationship?

The only thing that made him a bit more at ease was Woohyun's seemingly happy vibe. He didn't sound upset anymore, more like amused.

He definitely had to hit the way back home before he got there. That studio was no place for serious discussions.





Hicc..."Ugh....Is this on? Why doesn't it keep still?" Sunggyu kept aimlessly flaunting the camera all ways.  "Oh, maybe it's better if I  press REC."Hicc..."tard, Ho...yah!!!!"he screamed his poor attempts of keeping still.Might as well lash out at the culprit. "That thinks he can mess with me?! I'll show you romantic! One confession coming right up!" he aimed for one of the markers on the table.He bit down on his tongue while he struggled scribbling down what he wanted to convey to Woohyun.It was a bit dizzing doing it upside down. "Hyunnie,baaaabe.....this one's for You!!" he laughed,turning in an  ellegant manner towards the rolling camera. He wanted to look y and foxy, showing off the pink heart with the word Yours in the middle of it .His drunken state really played a number on his brain. "That's right, Hyun, all yours,baby. I gather you are mad at me,but baby...come on.You know me. If words are what you need, fine." he went on talking gibberish,while he moved like never before. He took yoga classes to help with his sore muscles,he didn't know he'd turn that flexible.  "Listen to these....they're a perfect match." he encouraged the recepient of his file,while he began singing on a long forgotten tune. Beat the hell out of him why he chose it ."You should totally come drink with us, see what you're missing on? I may have been dared into this, but wonderful, beautiful,understanding Woohyun...It doesn't take heavy drinking for me to feel this. " he hoped the lyrics made up for his long awaited confession. "Please, baby...don't make me turn into a chick. Isn't one time enough?" he started wailing, his foggy mind finally sending him off the cliff. He was behaving beyond crazy." I'm lousy with words, you know it. I hope you won't be too mad to watch this. Just, come back, huh." he asked, stopping to focus the camera on his face. He was dead serious , he couldn't bare another day away from Woohyun. He needed him to keep him centered.Otherwise, who knows what other stupid he was about to commit. HE simply cringed when he trailed a finger over the heart shape on his skin, no sign of it comming off. " I literally have no recollection how to undo this permanent marker off  me. Heeeeeeelp.It won't come off." he cried, pouting as he finally hit Send  to his drunken confession. He hoped to god Woohyun won't be in the middle of an important meeting when he received it.


A/N: credits to the bubbly ,wonderful 

Love You When I'm Drunk


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