Silent Love (I'm sorry)

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“I want our memories to remain pretty and flawless… Even if I hurt her, I want it as a sad ending and not a sad storyline…” SeungWan closes his eyes, letting the beautiful memories flash across his mind.

Her smile. Her laugh. Her voice.


‘Son SeungWan!’

“It hurts, doesn’t it? Deep in your heart…”

“It does and I don’t lie about it… I hope he will grant her the happiness she needs. Even if she hates me, my heart only belongs to her. I will love her from afar. In the dark, and in the silence…”


I don't know how this story I'm writing is going to turn out so please give me some suggestions as I go along while writing it.

I want to spoil but let's just keep it this way. My brain isn't normal (´-ω-)σ
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