hometown glory

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somewhere beneath the marmalade skies in a sleepy town where nothing ever happens, they make a promise to conquer the world together. where their stardust-filled dreams are nothing but dreams and their smiles are only filled with honeyed sunshine. but sometimes dreams burn and that’s what it does to them: it breaks them like brittle leaves in the first frost and leaves them to pick up the pieces of their broken hearts in its wake.




(hometown glory)



or alternatively: all jeon jungkook has wanted is fame and recognition and all kim yerim has done is supported him. until one fateful day in the blush of dawn, he decides to leave the sleepy town where they’ve grown up together and she isn’t sure if she can ever forgive him for that.





a very poor decision to start a new fic during spring break when i should be studying for  upcoming exams and the fact i have so many other stories to continue but this kept idea kept nagging at me so i decided why not!!! as usual, updates will be very sporadic and not at all consistent :-)

> inspired by la la land


[hometown glory]: im getting a bunch of new subscribers all of a sudden and idk why but thank u! i hope u enjoy and pls let me know what u think to give me some motivation to update lol...
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