Day or Night

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The first time Joohyun saw her, it was in the day and she was Seungwan, looking nervous as she went on stage to receive her top academic award.

The second time Joohyun saw her, it was in the night and she was Wendy, looking indomitable as she performed her rap on stage, taking the audiences’ breaths away.

“Do not starve your soul of its wants, because if you do, you will soon lose sight of who you really are.”

“You have bared your body to me, but will you bare your heart and soul to me as well?”


Chapter 1: Thunderstruck

Chapter 2: Seungwan, the Interviewee

Chapter 3: Dual Lives

Chapter 4: Misdemeanours

Chapter 5: In Threes

Chapter 6: Hello Wendy

Chapter 7: Not Afraid

Chapter 8: Monster

Chapter 9: Roommates

Chapter 10: A Failure

Chapter 11: Nights Together

Chapter 12: Lips to Lips

Chapter 13: Chaos

Chapter 14: There for You

Chapter 15: A Dark Place

Chapter 16: The Protectors

Chapter 17: Bare Everything

Chapter 18: Tower of Love

Chapter 19: Exposed

Chapter 20: Boundaries

Chapter 21: For You

Chapter 22: Lost in Your Eyes

Chapter 23: Heart's Desire

Chapter 24: Stolen Hearts and Bated Breaths

Chapter 25: If Jealousy Could Kill

Chapter 26: Possession

Chapter 27: White Knight

Chapter 28: Crossed Paths

Chapter 29: Happier

Chapter 30: Turmoil

Chapter 31: Storm

Chapter 32: Regression

Chapter 33: Threats

Chapter 34: Misery

Chapter 35: Illusory

Chapter 36: Your Name

Chapter 37: Heaven's Gate

Epilogue: To The World: Irene and Wendy


Hi guys, will be sharing a Wenrene fic that I have been working on for some time :)

This is my second Wenrene ongoing fic, with Happy Ending being my first. For this second Wenrene fic, it will definitely be longer and features a slightly darker theme + First fiction featuring Jennie and Jisoo from BlackPink as the main side couple <3 <3 <3 but they will only come in much later.  

This story will revolve around the university life (and underground hiphop life) of Wendy and Irene. For the university aspect, there will be some use of simple finance terms since both our main characters are finance students (like I am). As for the other (hiphop) aspect, I have tried researching more on it so it would be as realistic as possible but if I am wrong about any information, feel free to point it out to me :) I would appreciate it a lot 

Yes, I have seen tweets about idols leading double lives given the versatile image they have and many of us are pretty taken by the idea. Which was why, I have decided to explore this idea and craft a story from it. As you can tell from the Prologue, the one who would be leading the "double life" would be our Seungwan/Wendy. I shall not gush about how much my heart goes out for Wendy (my bias-wrecker) but I am glad that there are so many people who loves her as well :) 

Also, you all already know that Irene is my ultimate bias >< so... I hope that I can deliver a story that can emotionally connect with you all. 

Warning: This fiction contains scenes of smoking and characters struggling with mental illnesses (eg. depression). There will be no romanticising of any clinical conditions. Do not proceed if you still feel uncomfortable with such themes. Generally PG-15.

As usual, as this is a subs-only, please do not sub on impulse and I look forward to all comments and upvotes :) See you guys soon! 

Credits to my friend, Yeon (taepeach), once again, for the beautiful poster and for being so lovely. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 She doesn't need any more promoting but if you guys love graphics, be sure to check out her Graphic Shop here

Also, thank you Lara (shin-oppa) for always being so supportive <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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BTW in case you guys are curious why I named Wendy's hip hop crew Blue Vanguards, it is because it shares the same acronym as Black Velvet (BV). Just a FYI :)
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