Park Chanyeol's NANNY [ChanBaek]

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Byun Baekhyun works as a Nanny for a living. The pay was small and not enough to keep Baekhyun and his family going, until he got a call from Mayor Park's Villa, offering him a job to babysit their only child. Baekhyun was so happy about this but when he got to the Villa, Baekhyun was shocked to his bones when he discovered that he's going to babysit a grown up man Park Chanyeol.



"Thank you so much ma'am, you're so kind." Baekhyun said happily.

"It's okay dear. So, can I call my Yeolie now?" She asked.

"Yes ma'am, please call him. I cannot wait to see the kid." Baekhyun replied.

Mrs Park stands up with a grin on her face.

"Oh Yeolie!" She called, and suddenly, Baekhyun heard heavy footsteps walking down the staircase.

Baekhyun lifted up his eyes, and in front of him was a full grown up man wearing black singlet and a gray sweatpants walking down the stair in his full glory and from the look of it, it seems he has just returned from the gym hall because he was all covered in sweat, causing Baekhyun to stare at his bulging biceps and tanned skin.

Getting up from the couch, Baekhyun couldn't contain the amount of shock he has just experienced as he stared in great surprise with his mouth hung open, not believing his eyes.

'Oh. My. Gosh! I can't believe that I'm babysitting a full grown man.'


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